Area 120 is leaving the company and their video messaging team will become part of Google Workspace.

With the work-from-home era moving forward, Google released Threadit to help teams collaborate and work more efficiently through video messages. This project is shutting down soon and the team is joining Google Workspace.

Threadit was created with the purpose of enhancing collaboration. There are a few teams that work in different time zones, and that makes it hard to coordinate live video-sharing. The team at threadit said this is what inspired their creation: “Record your own front-facing camera or screen in short clips that can be re-recorded and then automatically stitched together in our application for easy sharing. Once complete, you send it on app links to your collaborators to do the same.”

Threadit members received an email today informing them that a transition is happening. It will continue to work for the next 60 days, but they’ll permanently lose access to all of their Threadit content after December 19th.
Lesson: Imagine receiving an email that said “A transition is happening” with no explanation as to what it means and ongoing functionality–only understanding “business necessity.”

In December 2018, it’s time to take action. You have until that month to save or download videos individually from the homepage.

To download your videos from Threadit, go to the homepage and click on your profile image. From there, log into the app and select Account > Export.

They’re moving out of Area 120 and into Google Workspace to focus on building immersive, visual collaboration experiences across the platform- namely Spaces.

With productive applications like productivity and social apps, it was easy to forget that AI is how the company can make a big impact in the ways they wanted to. They are refocusing entirely on AI projects, and their team will be trimming down its size so it can have more time to focus solely on these ventures.

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