Android apps to that work across all devices

Android apps to that work across all devices

Google is trying to make it easier to create Android apps that can cross over a range of devices.

The software development kit includes the tools that developers need to create apps compatible across Android phones and tablets, as well as other devices, such as TVs and cars. Google explains that this development kit does not compromise security in any way.

Developing with the SDK is supposed to allow for three tasks: discovery of new Wi-Fi connections, establishing a secure connection between devices, and allowing the app’s experience to span across various devices. Google’s cross-device SDK uses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ultra-wideband to do so.

The cross-device SDK could come in handy when multiple people are in a room, each with separate devices. It could let them choose items from a menu where the items would show up on all of their screens, rather than passing around their phones and tablets.

The Verge interviewed experts in the field of AI and believed it would allow users to continue a destination they left off on one device while they were on their phone, and share that destination with the vehicle’s navigation system.

Google Nearby Share lets you take a photo and share it to devices. The upcoming update will allow you to share files across the devices connected with your Google account.

The cross-device toolkit is an API that can be used with Android devices for now, but eventually, it will be able to be used with all other Android surfaces and non-Android OSs including iOS and Windows.

The article was written by Sam freed, who may only have reworked the headline and picture for this article. The content below is automatically generated from a syndicated feed.

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