A key Google Home automation feature is now being rolled out earlier than expected.

This month, Google’s Home app launched some changes accidentally revealing the Pixel tablet. The new look for the app is still in the preview phase, but even before that’s ready, we’re already getting a step closer to full automation with device triggers.

Device triggers are useful when you want one device to be associated with another, or when you need to automate certain actions. For example, you could set a smart night-light turning off as the trigger for your voice assistant wishing you a good morning at 7am every day. You can also associate one trigger with multiple actions, just like any other routine in the Home app.

While the Home app has been redesigned so far, we’re not seeing all the new device triggers that were announced with it. Plus we’re not seeing new functionality in iOS or Android’s Home apps either. They might still be rolling out, quite slowly since they haven’t released yet onto Google’s Play Store.

You can set your routine whenever you like, no matter what triggers or the new interface. Learn more about setting your routines here. We also have a list of some of our favorite Android apps if you’re looking for more smart home automation options.

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