Your conversations with Google on Google Assistant can now be summarized.

Google Workspace makes it easier to see what a particular text says, highlighting important elements that add insight as you read.

If a user leaves a conversation in Google Chat, the older conversations will be summarized in the chat window, and the summary of that conversation is available to view.

One of the tools included in the Google Workspace is a standard text-to-speech function, with content available in one of Google’s other programs, like docs. This provides summaries and their source right inside your document.

Last month, Google rolled out a few updates for their Workspace. Keep an eye on what Google rolls out- it can be worth checking out if you’re currently using Workspace.

Google’s summary algorithm is an attempt to increase search results relevancy and reduce click bounce rate.

Because of machine learning, Google Spaces have the ability to create summaries of search conversations in a string of messages.

Google has revealed that its aim is to “provide a helpful digest of conversations in a space, allowing you to quickly catch up on unread messages and navigate to the most relevant threads.”

To reduce clutter, summaries will only appear when necessary and will summarize conversations in English so that everyone is on the same page. These summaries will be available on Google Workspace accounts for those who have upgraded to Workspace.

The rollout for rapid release domains began on October 19th. The Scheduled Release Domains will start to see it on November 2nd.

We’re always looking to improve our workspace and stay in touch with our community. At Our Workspace, we have new updates coming out this month that you’ll be excited about.

With the addition of Conversation summaries to Spaces, it’s not surprising that there are more updates coming soon.

Google is about to release an update that allows you to reply directly to any message with a separate in-line thread. This means you can reply to a specific message, making it easier and more convenient than ever before.

Google Slides is getting a much-needed facelift with new, improved menus and an overall reorganization of features and more prominent icons.

Google and Microsoft teams vs. Slack

Google’s mention of Spaces in the “Spaces” text could signal that the company is looking to expand into a corner of the business collaboration and communication market currently occupied by Slack and Microsoft Teams.

As opposed to the other options, Google provides (at least) web conferencing software like Microsoft Office (but less likely to be used for conferencing).

With the latest update to Spaces, Google is a more attractive prospect for instant collaboration and messaging than Slack or Teams. Considering the bad media attention that those apps have recently received, it’s likely more secure than either of those apps.

If Google continues to develop and update Spaces, as well as other functionality within that platform, then it will become an even more attractive all-in-one platform for businesses.

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