What do you think about the new Gmail, Drive, and other Google Workspace logos? [Poll]

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Gmail, Google Drive, and other G Suite services are used by millions of people every day, and now Google has announced a pretty big change. G Suite is now Google Workspace, and it’s bringing a whole new set of logos for Gmail, Meet, Drive, and more.

The redesigned logos of Google Workspace fall in line with what the company has been slowly rolling out for a few years now. Google Photos, Maps, Assistant, Fit, Home, One, Podcasts, TV, Wear OS, and others have all adopted the four-color icons that bring some consistency to the company’s apps. Now, that consistency is reaching some of the most popular Google services.

Perhaps the change that will affect the most people is the redesigned Gmail logo. The previous design was a classic, an envelope with a red stripe that created the iconic “m” shape. The new icon retains that shape, but it uses Google’s four signature colors to form the “m” and ditches the white filler in between. Really, this is the biggest logo design Gmail has ever seen for that reason.

Beyond Gmail, the new icons for Google Drive, Meet, Calendar, and Docs/Sheets/Slides are also significant changes. They all drop any sense of realism for basic shapes that use four colors. They feel familiar enough, but all together, they look really similar. So far, I’ve seen a good amount of concern from users worried that these icons will be hard to distinguish on smartphones, and I’ve got to say, I agree. Google’s former logos are iconic, but these new ones might just be too consistent.

Do you agree? Let us know in the poll below!

What do you think of Google’s new logos?I like the matching designsThey’re too similar, it’s hard to tell them apartI prefer the old look, but it doesn’t matter

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