How to Copy, Delete and Protect Sheets in Google Drive

Sometimes, you may mistakenly save a document to the wrong part of your Google Drive and need to retrieve it quickly. Other times, you might have accidentally shared an important document – or been copied on a spreadsheet by accident. This article teaches you how to retrieve old and deleted sheets, as well as protect them if they’re not already set up for secure sharing.

What is the difference between a Sheets and a document

Documents and sheets are two different objects that can be saved in Google Drive. Many people may have a sheet of paper that they would like to turn into a document in order to view it in other programs or share it with others. Sheets are created via the Google Drive app on computers, tablets, or phones. You can also only create one sheet at a time on your phone or computer instead of multiple ones. When you successfully create an editable spreadsheet or workbook with Google Sheets, you will see “Edit” and then “sheet name” extension on the top right-hand side of the page . This will allow you to see any work you’ve done in this particular document or spreadsheet.

Black and White Viewing In the beginning of having a Google Drive account, it may have been easy to only be able to view your sheets and word documents as black and white, as that was very all that came with the free 50,000 file limit every owner could use. Since then, however, Google has made finding ink- options for color-shading and stroke settings accessible from the

Copy, Delete and Protect Sheets in Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud based service that allows users to store their files, documents, and other data. Google offers the ability for multiple people on the same account to share these files by logging into their different computers and navigating to the shared folder.

Despite the widespread use of the service, there are several features that allow you to protect your account from people accessing your data without authorization. The blog post provides a detailed overview about how you can copy, delete and protect sheets in this system. How to Copy and Delete Sheets in Google Drive

The most obvious way to restrict access of your GP-user is to prohibit anyone who is not authorized from viewing or editing official sheets. This can be done by going under the Docs & Spreadsheets tab and then clicking on Permissions.Next you will request for administrator privileges, the application that grants permissions to other users. Add a user who does not have access rights and grant the desired permissions for them. Under View settings,

Share sheets with colleagues

If a person wants to share a sheet with another person in the same group, then he or she simply needs to provide that person’s email address. After that, whenever this person logs into Google Drive, the sheet will automatically be found and downloaded. However, there’s one caveat. If it is edited by another user or if the sharing option has been disabled on visible sheets (it cannot be used on hidden ones), then the original sheet is automatically replaced with an older version of the sheet. The original created by the first user remains untouched unless it gets deleted or moved manually. In addition to being able to synchronise query results with Google Drive, OneDrive for Business also supports other features that are worth taking into consideration, like…

Handling Digital Work and the ‘Microsoft Office’ Experience: Instead of trying to improve upon what Salesforce offers with its platform, Microsoft went ahead and created a whole new Office 365 package — called Microsoft Office. It includes all the latest software applications available (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) but also bundles an

Make a Sheet Tab that looks different on each device

Creating a sheet tab to be used on two devices is really easy. The first thing is to create two tabs that are different from one another. Then, increase the amount of screen space between each tab. Finally, upload the tabs to your personal codepen or Github account where you can email them to anyone. For example, I had a sheet tab that showed my lucky numbers and some daily notifications. I wanted the ‘rub-a-dub’ tab to only appear on my phone because of specific phone settings. Therefore, I increased the spacing between each tab using % values in CSS. I then made them square and uploaded them here:

(Also, note that you

Find a sheet again based on where you left off

Google Drive is a great way to share documents with others or save them for later use. You can open it from your Chrome browser by clicking on the G icon, from the drop down menu at the top left corner of your computer, or by typing “” in your web browser’s address bar. Once you are in, search for what you are looking for and select the sheet. This paper suggests how to undo actions that have been completed as well as protect sheets when not immediately needed so they can be found again later. true

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