Google Workspace now integrates with more popular communication and productivity apps.

Google Workspace now lets you add third-party apps to your workspace. With these integrations, you can work with a variety of products from different providers without leaving the Google ecosystem.

Google is opening up its Workspace productivity platform with more integrations. Today, the company announced new APIs for Google Meet and Google Chat. This will allow developers to start a conversation or launch a meeting directly from their app.

Google announced two new APIs: the first for Asana, LumApps, and other Google apps; the second for Figma, which will provide design and whiteboard collaboration during meetings. The APIs aren’t available yet but are coming soon.

This is a huge win for developers who are making AppSheet apps, which will soon be available in Google Chat. Third-party developers will also be able to make their own integrations with Google Chat.

Until now, Google Docs users could only include people and files from their Google Drive account in their documents. But adding smart chips will finally give them the ability to include data from third-party applications as well. This will open up many new possibilities for users, including the ability to include data from 3rd-party apps in their documents.

Many different third-party smart chip providers will be available to Google Docs users starting next year. AODocs, Asana, Atlassian, Figma, LumApps, Miro, Tableau and ZenDesk are just a few of the first partners announced by Google today.

Google’s Cloud Next 22 conference kicked off this morning, a day before Microsoft’s Ignite 2022 conference. This morning, Google detailed many other updates including automatic meeting transcriptions for Google Meet, automatic video framing, and more.

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