Google seeing “significant” VMware “momentum”: GM

GM sees a “significant” amount of VMware “momentum” in Google Cloud Computing due to their recent successes in the list of fastest-growing businesses.

Google Cloud’s infrastructure leader, Sachin Gupta, talks to CRN about the momentum of cloud customers and what makes Google Cloud VMware Engine different or better than AWS or Microsoft.

Google Cloud is witnessing “significant momentum” with VMware Engine, and customers are saving significantly in infrastructure costs. Bringing your application to Google Cloud will reduce the amount of hardware and operating expenses associated with moving to the cloud.

Google Cloud is helping companies to be more cost effective – by taking on the day-to-day upkeep of huge infrastructures, saving businesses money and energy. Companies are moving their infrastructure over to Google’s cloud using VMware Engine, which has helped them become more self-sufficient.

Guruprasad Gupta, VP and GM of product management at Google Cloud, announced the partnership and momentum with VMware.

“We see a lot of partners engaging here saying, ‘Do you want to continue to maintain those data centers on-premise?’ Because there’s a cost associated with that,” said Gupta. “You have to keep replacing machines and power and all of that or do you want to buy this VMware service by Google.”

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Gupta joined Google Cloud in 2020 to be a top executive, leading the company’s $24 billion cloud portfolio of compute, storage, networking and technical infrastructure capabilities.

Google Cloud VMware Engine

In 2020, Mountain View, Calif.-based Google Cloud formed a partnership with VMware to create Google Cloud VMware Engine. Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are also in the process of creating their own hybrid product offerings.

Google Cloud Platform is unique in that it allows customers to easily integrate their current tools, apps, and processes rather than having them completely reinvent themselves.

You will get a fully-supported, turnkey data center solution with all the necessary hardware and VMware licenses to run a dedicated VMware SDDC. The virtualized software for local state management and machine learning (artificial intelligence) capabilities has been built on Google Cloud’s infrastructure. All it takes is just a few minutes to provision an entire VMware SDDC environment from start to finish.

VMware is seeing a significant amount of momentum for all their cloud-as-a-service offerings, and this includes VMs.

A VMware company has just launched a brand new VMware Tanzu Standard edition on Google Cloud VMware Engine, which is designed to help simplify Kubernetes implementation and management. As part of the partnership, Google Cloud VMware Engine has also been added into the VMware Cloud Universal program.

With a performance boost, Google Cloud’s new VMs stand in as an alternative to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft. They are also differentiated from these competitors for a greater mix of features and capabilities.

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