Google Rolled Out New Status And Bar Icons For Chat, Spaces On Android

Chat on your mobile device seems like the most natural way to communicate with friends and family, but if you’re just chatting it up without the official stamp of approval from Google, there’s no telling what your status might actually send a message that could go viral. In other words, Google’s latest update to their chat apps should make it a lot more clear who is currently chatting on an app-by-app basis. In the small print of Google’s latest update to their Google+ Chat FAQ, there’s some nearly hidden information about chats and what should be happening on your chat apps. The part that piqued my interest when I read it was this:

“You can also create different levels of priority for who or what types of people you see in each room — so you might see only family, friends, or people from your organization.”

Could this mean that Google is starting to

How to Roll Out New Status and Bar Icons in Chat?

On September 22nd, 2018, Google updated the Android app and brought new features which include Rolling Out New Status and Bar Icons in Chat. This update is on top of their three previous chat updates which have been released so far. What Has Changed?

After updating the iPhone version of Hangouts, you will now see under Chrome OS and Android OS, a new section titled “Status” on the side of your app. Here, you will find several options including a “New Status” button. Clicking this will let you create an ongoing thread by clicking on an “Add Status” button that appears on the page. While creating a thread, which can be up to 24 hours

Set the Status area to always be visible

On October 19th, 2018, Google rolled out new status icons and a bar that was automatically visible whenever anyone in the chat had the Highlighter app running. If someone wanted to change their setting they could create a shortcut Icon. Changes in Figures 8–13 can be found by this means:

clicking the Activity stream icon on the lower-right side of chat. Scroll the left column to see all chat threads subject to the new and old status icons if you are logged in as owner to that group. Pictures, comments, and links will have a little icon alongside them that indicates what type of activity is occurring with that word. Click an item to see details for each message. Drag the new action bar

Keep tabs on conversations with new icons

One thing Google does well is provide new ways for people to stay connected. These changes for its apps also update the final look and feel of the app. The new status and bar icons that have rolled out give you a better insight into group chats and have more clear notifications of ongoing conversations in groups. The old looking icons showing new updates will get the rage of its users.

The new updates on icons also make groups easier to stay connected with chats and updates. The larger status and bar icons add a better look and feel that allows people to know at a glance which conversations are ongoing or have just been updated. Just like Gboard, Notifications in Keep even show you who triggered the message these changes allow for a better screen flow experience when moving between chatting and linking with emails.

New notification bar icons in Google Apps

Now that rollout of the chat application in Google services, they have introduced a new notification bar icons to distinguish between different status. This design was thought keeping in mind to make the right mix of simplicity and usability to take inspiration the most prominent digital platform in our lives. It is the mixed feeling of meditating that the problem in some way always comes to mind and provides a single more connection with matters. The start of this seemed like a bad accident but it causes very fantastic consequences such as business insights and customer relationships.

One of the first was based on web startup Steve Anderson explains about Google’s internal policy for ‘Whatever is good for us’. This decision does not mean that it will affect, the end using its features inside or outside

Disabling the notification bar icons in Android Apps

Google released a new batch of Android Wallpapers with colorful abstract designs. Clean and straightforward app dashboard that looks great on both OS X and iOS.

Tons of content in the center … walls, corals, grasses and backgrounds.

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