Google Los Angeles has the largest outbreak of any employer’s covid virus

The number of Covid infections among Los Angeles-area Google employees nearly doubled over the weekend from 201 to 400, according to the count on the county’s official Covid workplace outbreak site.

An article by Deadline reported that the tech giant’s stylish Silicon Beach campus in Venice had 145 infections. The L.A. County Public Health dashboard showed 135 newly-tallied cases at the company’s massive Playa Vista complex this Friday, which was another 15 cases that were listed on Friday and no longer appear today.

The Covid outbreak at Google has been the largest in Los Angeles County

In Los Angeles, the airports have reported 276 infected TSA employees and 234 American Airlines workers. However, they are not only customer facing. They are likely to deal with the largest number of pedestrians.

According to this reporting, Google has 2,000 employees in Los Angeles. That means that 14% of the company’s workforce has been hit recently.

The county outbreak dashboard lists a Google location that was revamped in 2018 called the Hercules Campus at Playa Vista – Spruce Goose Hangar.

The status of the outbreak at Google is hard to know. Deadline has reached out and will add any comment we get from them. The time between infection, detection, and reporting would be unknown, but there does not seem to be an outbreak listed on the LA County Department of Public Health website on Friday.

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