Gmail on the web adding ‘search chips’ to help filter results

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Search in Gmail can be quite powerful, but that functionality is hidden behind operators and awareness of more advanced techniques. Google today announced “search chips” for Gmail on the web to simplify filtering results.

Search chips are billed as an “easier way to sort and filter search results to find exactly what you’re looking for faster.” It comes after users wanted a “more intuitive” experience that does not require memorizing search operators. At the moment, advanced lookup can be accessed by tapping the right chevron to reveal a multi-line dropdown.

Now, after entering a query, clickable chips appear on the results page as a carousel just underneath the search field. They are personalized and adapt to your term.

For example, you can search a colleague’s name and further narrow your results by selecting search chips like attachment type (Text document, Spreadsheet, PDF) or a specific timeframe.

For example, entering a contact will have Gmail suggest results from only that person. Other filters can exclude chats and calendar invites, while another lets you only view emails that include attachments. There’s also the ability to refine by date range, with each chip featuring a blue icon to quickly distinguish the filter.

Gmail search chips are rolling out starting today and will be available for G Suite customers in the coming weeks.

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