Your Google Calendar events will now appear on Google Maps

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Google has announced that you will now be able to view your upcoming Google Calendar events in Google Maps. This can be a helpful tool because now, instead of opening up a calendar event and then copying the address into Maps, you can just pull up a list of upcoming events without leaving the Google Maps app iself…

Once you have received the latest version of Google Maps — which is currently rolling out worldwide to Android users — open up the sidebar and tap on “Your places.” Here you will find a list saved addresses, saved locations, and now a new tab called “Upcoming.” Here you will see all of your upcoming events from Google Calendar as well as any reservations or bookings from Gmail.

To make sure that your events will appear on Google Maps you first have to make sure an address has been added to the “where” section of a calendar event. As long as Google sees that the event has an address and you’re using the same Google account for Calendar and Maps, you should have a list of everything that is upcoming.

Google Maps Calendar Events

In addition to these changes, you can now add custom labels to specific addresses so that you can navigate to them more easily. Simply type in the address, click on the label button, and add a custom name to the location. The next time you plan to take a trip to that address, all you need to do is either start typing in the name of the place or use a voice command to set up directions.

Lastly, you’ll now be able to see all of your Google contacts addresses from within Google Maps and have full control over what personal content you want to see on your maps. Simply go to the Settings menu from the slide out menu and toggle on or off whatever content you want or don’t want to show.

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