Workspaces Spaces Chats have conversations summaries

Does your team rely on a chat platform to communicate? Google knows how it feels to not be able to keep up with conversations, and they’re excited to introduce summary notes in Chats. Now you’ll get the full content of each conversation from within Workspace Spaces.

With the trend of moving conversations over to instant chat tools, it can be difficult to keep up with these conversations in places like large Workspaces.

As a business owner, you know that conversations can quickly grow out of control. With Spaces and Chats, it’s nearly impossible to manage all of your chatters in the same place. That’s why we created “Spaces.” With just a few clicks you can tell them to stop chatting in a space while still being able to easily access your other chats. They’re also super easy to manage right from your Workspace!

Google is now putting its expertise in communications apps to work, and bringing users a solution to one of the largest inconveniences: brief text messages. Workspace Spaces’ Chats will soon have the benefit of summarized text messages right inside!

Let’s say you already find yourself deep into a Chats conversation and want to jump right into it. Even better, you can learn about what others are saying by reading their Conversation Summary— which appears at the top of all Spaces Chats. Scroll up there, and voilà! You’ll be at the discussion of your choosing with just a few clicks!

If you are a Google Chat user and tend to have conversations that go back and forth in your Workspaces, then Conversation Summary might be just what you need. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available for regular Google Chat right now (that’s the new one in Gmail), is only for Spaces in your Workspaces, and (of course) it’s only available for select Premium Spaces. So unfortunately, you don’t get access to it unless those Spaces still exist in six months. I’m currently checking with Google about this.

Do you want to know more about how the Google AI team provides Chat summaries in Workspaces? You can check out the technical details here.

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