Why Google Just Announced Its New Gmail To Replace ‘Gmail’

Start with the basics – the simplest word to remember or use in your content. In this blog post, we’ll answer that question, and talk about why setting up your Gmail settings differently won’t bypass the upgrade from “Gmail” to “Workspace.” Notes and files are the basics of Google Apps. They’re what got it started, after all. To put it simply, notes provide a way to create and share notes with others while syncing them across devices and in the cloud. Files bring some basic office functionality—editing, inserting, and removing content with document preview capabilities—to documents you store on Google Drive or through single-file sharing, both of which are client-agnostic. In addition to these four core features of

Reasons for the New Gmail Design

Google has announced that they will change the name of their email app to Google Inbox task because they are “shifting their Gmail design strategy.”

The issue with this announcement is that it implies people will have only one choice in email; however, there are many different email apps out there. Most users weren’t happy about this announcement because of the potential for confusion and disruption in their business. Google Inbox: Email Management – YouTube This video was part of my early “Inbox Tips” series where I share a few tips to help improve email management with Google Inbox, Gmail, and GMail. Subskills play an important role in emailing productivity and this video opens up the tool I discuss later. A great tool when communicating with internal employees is visual addressing which I recommend for organizing as well. You’ll hear further about that as you listen along with…

Features of the New Gmail Pronto

The new email service is called Gmail Pronto and it is a launcher-style app that can serve as the primary email program or an extension of Google Inbox. It features a top bar with three dots for quick access to any Gmail email, Google Calendar, and contacts. You can also see a message count at the top right corner. New Gmail Pronto design

We recently dismantled Inbox for Google’s four key services that people use on a daily basis: emails, calendars, contacts, and photos/documents. We’ve all been focusing so hard on IMAP and POP email transition we all missed out on key email features and functionality in our inboxes (we’re looking at you smart offline mode). Through this new app called Gmail Pronto (we’ve

Why has Google decided to make this move?

Google announced that they are going to change away the use of Gmail’s connotation and introduce the fresher Outlook.com. They are offering a longer time frame to their current Gmail users to use their ‘Gmail’ moniker since they will be revamping their current programs over the next 3 months. The Effect Of This Migration. Whenever I log in to Google mail, it does offer you some changes and messages seems a bit different. However whatever changes they have made are simple and enjoyable enough anyways. Also the entire Migrations goes seamlessly without any hitches or subscription issues that usually annoys users. Whether you like how the workflow looks or not, both the providers are seriously great at what they are doing and that’s why they both thrive on the web.

New email programs

WordPress, Blogger and Bandit

Recently, Google announced that they would be

updating their Gmail service from the current “Gmail” to “Inbox by Gmail.” The update is supposed to make using email easier for people around the world. The other big change with the new Gmail is that it’s more like a web app. This means anyone can have it installed on their computer and there are actually no buttons or boxes — just a way of interacting with it at your own pace. The old Gmail was also very similar to Tweetdeck and Yahoo Mail in terms of design as well as interface.


Everyone’s favorite search engine, Google, announced the launch of its new email tool at last week’s O’Reilly Emerging Internet technologies conference in detail. Google Mail is a new form of email that ties into your contacts. Instead of storing addresses in Outlook, ROL, etc. I used gmail for many years and never had sticky notes on how to address an email or the effect it would have on my outlook global inbox to name a few . . . my gmail sent emails were always forwarded thtough so not just spred across but referenced within the original message

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