Why does Google say I have an administrator? Hint: Not what you think

Google Homepage users sometimes encounter a message which reads “There is an administrator that has edited or deleted these pages or created them.” They digest this new information, thinking back to all the times they visited their admin panel, only to realize that what Google said was not in regards to an administrative account. This piece provides some insight into why such messages appear and looks at the functions of an administrator account on Google. true

How Google Works

No matter how much Google tries to make their website anonymous, the information they collect still organizes them in a way. Even if the end user thinks they are they only person who has used your computer that day, Google will know everything you have been up to. That’s why there is an administrator on your account! Articles like this and a host of others reveal the main problems with modern search engines.

THE GREEN PILL FACTOR…. WIRED: The Invisible Web (2007) by David Meyer

In studying how people use the internet and how they interact, we find that Google’s ranking algorithm has become increasingly important to many users, because it directly affects their level of information awareness. Nowadays, if you want to know what is going on in the world, you probably go to Google first

Actions to be Fixed

Users often claim they are unable to log in because they do not have an administrator account. However, this is not what’s happening. They may/may not be receiving a notification saying their admin account has been disabled by a system administrator. The phone number a person gave to set up their account will also show the problem but they did not create it. If a user filed a delay or has expedited or self-service request status on the site, they’ll see it as well as other extensions that use different phone numbers and email addresses for contact. From what I’ve seen, there is no standard phone number or email address that everyone receives.

I did some research on this and found that most of the “authority” they use to set up accounts comes from answering prompts on the same situation site. The prompts are usually something like “ Would you like to log in as a…” or in the case of an alert when certifying, it’s either “Would you like to certify this domain with your zip” or “Would you

Tips to Avoid a Google Penalty or review

If you’re among a new list of Google users, you may have seen the Google admins notification. It can be seen in your inbox provided that the email is not part of SPAM or bulk mail filter. With it, comes an ‘administrator’ status from Google upon setting up your account. Blogs have also posted about this on the internet with thought-provoking tips on how to avoid getting caught as an illegitimate administrator. You are advised to let your friends and business contacts to give you feedbacks on how you can improve or work tirelessly for improvement in order for your Google authority. G2 Buy Gas From Us, Find About G2 Gas Prices, Ready To Start Shopping Permanently For Better Company Purchasing? Do it now because we’re in the way to lose top-ranking towards our intended purpose ‘G2’ by a further step of passing 2009 where you won’t find us anymore related with anything related to

How to Correct Errors in Google Search Results

Google can sometimes show you results that are interesting, but they won’t be quite the accurate reflection of your search. One example of this would be when Google’s search result says that a user has an administrator but their site doesn’t actually have one. As the author states, it’s not easy to know why exactly this happens, but it does happen often. Glitches like these are often fixed by editing the search query at problem for a more accurate result.


The default credential for Google Apps is Administrator@yourdomain.com. This means that most people are logged into the account as an administrator. However, this is not necessarily what you think it is! Many people have created a Google Account for their children or for pets who might not understand how to login to the account server themselves.

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