Where You Can Track Your Google Calendar

No one likes having to carry around various pieces of paper for their schedule! That’s why so many people have transitioned over to using digital planners or apps that have a calendar built-in. Now, if you’re someone who still uses paper and pencil, there is an option for you as well — Google Calendar. In this blog article I will show you the process of locating your Google calendar and how to be able to track your appointments from pretty much anywhere! Google Calendar – Why it’s Comferred

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Why do you need Google Calendar to Track your Schedule?

Google Calendar is one of the most popular online calendars,…

Google Calendar is one of the most popular online calendars, and not just because of its ubiquitous presence on desktop and mobile devices. It offers a lot of convenience for users, from being able to see when events are scheduled to working with multiple calendars in one place. I have a calendar setup in gmail and would like to do this on my date book as well. If you have more than one e.g. personal and business not sure what can be done i have set it up annd I am using the timeline which many say is difficult to work with but my view is quite positive about it. Google doesn’t see your Timeline for as long out of your entire Gmail account unless you choose to…Google doesn’t see your Timeline for as long

How do you Track your Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is a great tool for keeping track of your schedule. You can use it to plan events, keep track of appointments, and more. However, you may want to know where Google Calendar stores your information. Up until now, there were two ways to do this. One was to open up your Calendar settings, click the “…” button next to your name at the top, and then click “Privacy & Location Settings.” You’d log out and back in again to see where you’re stored.

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What are the Different Tracking Options for Google Calendar

Google Calendar offers a variety of ways to track your appointments, including:

– Meeting: This option is for scheduled meetings. You can add participants, set start and end times, and specify whether the meeting is public or private.

– Task: This option is for tasks that don’t have a meeting time or location set yet. You can assign a due date and description, and see how much progress you’ve made on the task through a progress bar.

– Notes: If you want to jot down notes about an appointment without adding it to your calendar, use this option. You can enter a brief title and notes, or attach photos or files from your computer.

– Locations: If you need to plan a trip, add all of the locations you’ll be visiting in your Google Calendar. You can assign each location a name and add specific details, like the address and phone number.

– Add dates: If you don’t have anything scheduled but you want to add some dates in the future, use this option. Google Calendar will automatically fill in the start and end dates for you.


When leaving Google, it is important to remember to not forget your calendar! If you use a Google Calendar, cutting off all online contact with your friends and colleagues can be difficult – especially if you’re trying to meet up for drinks or a meeting. Thankfully, there are a few ways to connect with your past Google Calendar events even if you’re not online.

Adding reminders to Facebook is one easy way to keep in touch with old pals. If you’ve linked your Facebook account with your Google Calender, other Facebook users will be able to see events in your calendar even if you’re not online. They can then add their own reminders, or even RSVP for the event if they want to be sure they’re on the list.

If you don’t have a Facebook account or don’t want to share your calendar with everyone who knows you, there are other options. One popular option is Twilio。Using Twilio’s Voice and SMS features, you can send a text message that will remind people about an event in your calendar. You can also create automated phone calls that will notify people about an event in your calendar.

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