What Would You Not Want To Forget If It Were “In A Box”

Memorizing a phrase, quote or other information is an important skill. Let’s say you were to leave that memorized phrase in a box under your bed! Wouldn’t it be a bummer if something eventually happened to take your box away? A new piece of technology may soon change how we look at memorization and storage.

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Many of us have things that are important to us, and we would not want to forget them if they were “in a box.” However, what if those things were not physical, but instead were stored in a virtual box? This article discusses the idea of virtual memory and Boxes in terms of technology.

What is Google Keep?

What is Google Keep? Google Keep is a note taking app that comes bundled with Google Drive. It helps you keep track of your to-dos, ideas, and anything else that comes to mind. You can write notes, take photos, and add attachments. You can also access your notes from any device with a web browser.

How can I get and use Google Keep?

Google Keep is a new way to organize and access your notes. It’s free, web-based, and works on any device. Here’s how to get started:

1. Go to google.com/keep

2. Sign in or create an account

3. On the home screen, tap the three lines in the middle (the cells with circles). This will open the sideMenu.

4. Tap “New Note.” This will open the “New Note dialog.” Fill out the fields as follows:

5. You can now add content by using the freely available keyboard or by tapping one of the buttons at the bottom of the screen: text, image, file, or timer (which creates a timer note). You can also add links by tapping and holding on a link, then dragging it into your note. When you’re finished editing your note, tap ” save.” Your changes will be saved immediately and you’ll be able to access them later by opening your note from the home screen or by selecting it from your SideMenu list and tapping “Open.”

How do I use Google Keep offline?

One of Google Keep’s more powerful features is the ability to keep your notes offline. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use Google Keep offline so you can work on your ideas even when you’re without internet access.

Considerations and Reflections

When it comes to looking at our lives, what would you not want to forget if it were “in a box”? It seems as if we carry many unimportant things with us and it would be nice to have them all catalogued and sorted. It can be hard to make that happen though, because often times the thoughts and occurrences of our lives are scattered across different parts of our minds and hearts.

Some people might try to keep a daily journal in order to capture these fleeting moments, but this can be difficult if life gets hectic. Others might attempt to document their lives through photographs or videos, but eventually those memories will fade too. It can be tough prying ourselves away from the present and thinking about our past, but it is important to do so in order to create meaningful memories in the future.

When we are able to reflect on our lives and all of the experiences that have shaped us, we can truly appreciate everything that has happened. Remembering everything that we have encountered is an impossible task, but it is something that we should strive for. Cherish your memories, both good and bad, because they will make you who you are today.


Remembering to bring your passport when you travel internationally?

 Bringing a backup battery for your phone?

Having the right medication with you in case of an emergency?

Making sure you have enough water on hand in case of a drought?

If there were one thing you could not afford to forget, it would be important to make sure that everything important was packed into one or several “boxes” and stored somewhere safe, preferably with a combination lock so that no one other than you could access them. It’s easy to get caught up in our everyday lives and let things like passports, medications, and even money slip our minds. Make it a point each day to review what is stored in your boxes and make sure everything is where it needs to be before hitting the ground running on your next adventure.

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