Varonis Data Secue Tips: In Depth Look At Varonis Technologies

What happens when something goes wrong? People trust the security of their online content, browsing without a second thought. When things get bad, it ends up costing them big time. But now there is a solution with Varonis that can make sure all of your impacted data is secure again! Keep data safe by storing master copies off-site

Whenever the primary Varonis database is hit with a major issue, Varonis ProTech’s dataloss management process allows us to change your data back online by instantaneously switching over the replica database to a backup location. Our processes are patented and tested up to industry standards. How it works:

an administrator at the customer site would request that all of their LAN customers be decoupled from their database

What Is The Varonis Data Secure?

The Varonis Data Secue is a digital-asset protection service designed to immediately detect and contain the digital attacks – like phishing, ransomware, advanced persistent threats, and more. Varonis’ deep visibility capabilities provide significant strategic advantages across compliance, risk mitigation, and digital-forensics by identifying suspicious activities that are hard to detect on your own. Data Secure

What Does Varonis Offer?

Varonis technologies are known for their data security solutions. They offer the most highly scalable (it can handle both data volume and threat models), defect-resistant, and agile platform to address all potential challenges of cloud and internet-based infrastructure. How Does Varonis Data Security Work? Varonis works by scanning all the data before this content is placed into cloud. When data enters any of the Varonis services, they not only scan it but also enforce a policy decision onto how that data can be analyzed and used.

How Do You Register All Your Applications with Varonis? Once you’ve selected your contacts to register applications with, you’ll be asked to supply basic information about each app

How Much Does It Cost?

Varonis data security is a powerful encryption solution to prevent unauthorized users from accessed confidential information. The costs depend on how many clients you need to protect and the services you need. Varonis rates start at $1/client, per month with an enterprise-level plan and up to 50 terabytes of storage space. Customers that are on the Basic level start their billing at $49 per month with a low amount of space. Those on the Enterprise will pay $349 per month with 50 terabytes of storage.

Examples of Large Company Solutions with VDS

VDS is the industry leader in security for cloud storage solutions. Their customers have been successful at handling this important task with VDS. They provide a set of must-have features that support business security standards and compliance requirements such as: high availability and disaster recovery, encryption as a service, auditing, granular controls against e-discovery requests, etc. Read more here…

An example of a small-to-medium sized provider supporting VDS is KeyLogic. They offer granular on-premises management with centralized programmable access and auditing. Integration with critical systems and applications, malware protection, contextual policy building, license tracking and reporting as well as cloud storage integration are also available. They offer managed Microsoft Azure support for both specialized collaboration setups as well as full Microsoft Office 365 end-user coverage including hybrid environments containing on premise and

Salesforce integration with Outlook and Google Calendar

Varonis managed by Salesforce Analytics delivers a cost-effective, time-critical alternative to traditional data protection and risk management solutions. With Salesforce integration with Outlook, Google Calendar, CRM, and big data sources like leveraging SAM tables or BPEL process engine Varonis helps protect the enterprise from costly future compliance penalties while enabling comprehensive awareness of risk factors. Varonis works with Salesforce SAM or Fusion CRM to prevent illegal data leaks like accidental disclosure or leakage. With Salesforce integration you can track, monitor, report and even send notifications regarding any unauthorized access that was done on your organization’s data store. Connect Varonis Database Protection directly with the Salesforce Application Platform giving the highest security advantage to protect sensitive enterprise data including financial information of millions of record customers. Enterprise Threat Manager (ETM) from Forcepoint applies risk-based intrusion prevention


Varonis Data Security offers trustworthy, secure, efficient data availability that is affordable. The software is cost-effective and offers affordable cloud backup services to large and small businesses. About Alvarion (AVNR):

Alvarion develops, markets, supports and manages solutions and services for computer storage, database management, email/IM/FTP to desktop and Web-based systems. In Europe alone, the company has approximately 3.2 Million users across 19 countries, employing about 3500 local employees. The company has established more than 60 branch offices in major cities of India and is targeting to be the leading IT Solutions provider in Tier II and Tier III

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