Using Subtraction Tables In Google Sheets

In this article, you’ll learn how to subtract numbers in Google sheets with a few basic keystrokes and functions. The first two steps are deduplication, which means that the first number won’t disappear, the second will simply become equal instead of greater than the first, and subtraction is simplified by using a “carry over”.

Why does Google use Subtract Tables?

Google uses subtraction tables to help you fill out easy calculations when adding or subtracting numbers. This makes it easier to create charts and graphs. It will also allow for simpler inputs on spreadsheets such as a 2 + 3 = X type sort of column. How is the subtraction expressed in Google? For example, take this simple calculation: “1 X 2 = 1+2”. In sub form you can have a little more structure: “1 x 2 = 1+2”, and then under that “1 x 2 (add fraction) = 1 + 2”. Take into account that Google understands the concept of subtraction and therefore accepts minus signs too.

How to add a Subtraction Table to your document

Subtraction tables can be used to calculate the value of a sum that is found in Google Sheets by listing the results of how many of one number there are which is less than ten. You simply need to click on “a cell” then select table enter options. On the left, type in the number 1 with a small x and on the right, put in all 10 columns. Each column will represent one number. If you want to add a new row, use your arrow keys. To do any calculations other than finding subtraction tables in this document, simply change the value at the top left cell back to 1. It can be any number. This is called a formula. You will still see it on your worksheet, but not in the Subtraction Table with every value. I used this script to make my subtraction tables. It was easy as blank cells can just be made that’s all it requires.To get more information about how this Subtraction Table works, continue reading below including a more detailed explanation of what every field is for and some screenshots.Included in the script are variables “

Examples of using the Subtraction Tables in Google Sheets

The Subtraction Tables in Google Sheets are very useful when trying to figure out how many numbers have been subtracted from a sum. For example, 1089 – 3235 would be listed under the 1st row of the list. If you hover your mouse over the heading column, it will show that 1089 is 28 and 3235 is 1661. You can also move down to find 11839 – 47769 which equals 88056. Again, click to choose the rows you want and click on the subtraction icon. The rest will all be listed alphabetically.

Calculators & Mathematics Tools in Google Sheets

Free Spreadsheet Templates Google recently rolled out this feature that allows users to share their spreadsheets online. In a much-needed move, they are also rolling out encrypted communications over those links between users and web services. TechCrunch reported on this feature expanding beyond just their Messenger app. They now have

Examples when NOT to use the tables

One example is when you want to work with more than 3 sections of the table. For example, if you have 7 sections, ask yourself: where do I start? Do I start at 5 or 4? Or what would happen if I only had 6 sections? I think it’s the same for assignments because the human brain has a hard time thinking about the whole thing. Maybe DSC can be more clear here, and instead of using NULLs to indicate which ends to start and end with each row, just say use 0 – 9 instead.

Tips for using them

One way to use subtraction tables is in google sheets for tutorial-based tutorials. For example, if you wanted to teach a person how to make a game out of Angry Birds, then you could attach one of these subtraction tables to each lesson. The table would show the amount each bird needed to knock out each tower using different birds. Once your student does one tower with each bird, you can change the number of birds to different ones and have them continue until they’ve gotten all of them correct. With information in a subtractions-based lesson, it’s clear and easy for the user to find what they need as well.


By making this table in Google Sheets, users can use it to easily subtract single-digit numbers from one another. For example: 460-235 would yield 225. The final column shows the difference and sign of the answer; “3-2,” for example, indicates the answer is positive. If two people subtract a single number, the result shows what both of their subtractions were: -80 for one person and -165 for the other.

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