Updated Gmail API gives devs access to settings for signatures, filters, auto-replies, forwarding & more


Google is rolling out an updated Gmail API today that will give app developers more access to settings for filters, signatures, auto-replies, IMAP and POP settings, forwarding addresses and auto-forwarding, and send-as aliases.

Google offered some examples of what the new API endpoints offer developers in terms of functionality:

With this update, we’re equipping developers with some new tools that have never been available in any previous Google API. These include the ability to:

  • Retrieve and update signatures for send-as aliases
  • Configure forwarding to external addresses
  • Configure send-as aliases that send mail through external providers
  • Use HTML in vacation messages
  • Manipulate settings for gmail.com accounts

Google notes that it plans to add support for additional settings to the API in the future including “support for managing mailbox delegates”.

While most of the new API endpoints are available to any Google account, Google notes that some of the more “sensitive operations” such as modifying send-as aliases or forwarding “are restricted to service accounts with domain-wide authority.”

You can learn more about the new Gmail API, which replaces the previous Email Settings

API schedule to go away entirely July 7, 2017.

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