These Are Google Docs’ Shortcuts That Will Make You More Productive

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What’s a Shortcut?

Shortcuts are specific buttons on a keyboard or mouse that let you go directly to what you need. For example, you can use the shortcut “q” when working in Microsoft Word to navigate quickly between your paragraphs. The shortcut “q” is called Toggle Quotes and it jumps between quotes and dashes for three steps at a time.

Some examples of shortcuts are Ctrl+C (copy), Ctrl+X (cut), Ctrl+V (paste), Alt+Tab (switch applications), Alt+F4 (close a window). Not only are they handy to move around quickly, but they can also speed up your work by simplifying the process.

What’s the difference between Navigation Styles?

In Visual Studio 2017, you have five different “styles” that determine how your code looks – Static Code Analyzer, Guideline-based Searches, Hiding Unused Variable and Simply Define , and Guideline-based Search Types for Class Diagrams. How you select

How to create a new shortcut

When you go to create a new shortcut, you must give it a name and put the type of application in parentheses–for example, Google Docs. You also must substitute this text with “. You can do something like “Open file ->Work email” or “Open stationery ->Office Supplies”. Generally, however, it is fine name the shortcut or set of shortcuts (for example, “Apps > Microsoft Word”. If you truly have a legitimate need for a set of two commands to never be open together at the same time, this is an easy solution.

No-Context Shortcut Bubble. Using Microsoft’s Context Menus provides something like a no-context shortcut bubble that permits only user defined programs to be executed in hidden menus immediately after they are shown on the screen, regardless of

Actions and Options

Google Docs make time-saving productivity a breeze. There are many keyboard shortcuts available to take advantage of this feature, including: pressing ctrl t to open a new tab, doing two finger ctrl Z to undo and redo changes you’ve made, and holding command L to insert a line break. If you’re not already using these shortcuts, Learning Google Docs will teach you all your options. true

Tweaking Your Settings

In order to make things easier on ourselves and to avoid having to switch where we are clicking, which could break our workflow, we can change how Google Docs operates in certain situations. Many of the changes we can make are related to file manipulation—from renaming a file, moving it from one location to another, applying a watermark or encryption password—while some are for creating templates that optimize keyboard shortcuts and single-click editing options. Saving files

If your document is all done and you need to save it, prior to that use F4 (the shortcut for Save), which will automatically create a new file. Alternatively, you can also mark a file as complete from its main page—right-click on any portion of the page there—and then select Mark as Completed from the resulting contextual menu.

Reading files

To start working on new documents or templates, select New | Blank Document or New

Expanding Your Features

Shortcuts are personal, secret time-savers for a given software. For example: a very minimalist ALT key. Consistently from in the single digits, advanced users now frequently maximize the number of features on their keyboards to almost 10…

Tips for Different Types of Documents

Google Docs has many short cuts and here are a couple to keep in mind when working with set of files that may be different in terms of size or format. Whenever you are preparing to work on a project, Google Docs will offer suggestions for documents before you create them.

You can use the “Transform” shortcut from your keyboard to change the dimensions of any document. Changing dimensions is perfect for documents that are too big for your screen or takes up too much space on the page.

In addition, if an image is mistakenly inserted inside a text box, try using the preview button from your keyboard and choosing “preview image” to see what it looks like within the text box. If the picture is inserted at a low file size, you’ll be able to see your pictures. The process of creating a page, document or spreadsheet attachment might allow you to crop certain elements as they are being inserted into the course section on any computer. This highlights several advantages that come hand-in-hand with Google Docs. If a large video file is being dropped in next to text, letting users select and trim a part of it to what they need is useful and more engaging.


The conclusion provides insight on what the article is about. They are different options for using Google Docs that can increase productivity. Researchers say in 2014, people have gone back to traditional equipment such as notebook PCs, cameras and mobile devices for productivity. This larger emphasis on hardware opens new opportunities for software companies. The Dragon container developed by Tufin helps provide lock-in, custom ordering and more security with customers who use Google Docs.

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