The U.S. Government’s Google Maps Probe Could Send Ripples Through The Car Industry

One of the more recent issues that has been on the forefront of Google Maps is their algorithms. This past year, Google Maps received some backlash for its “Congrats! You found a parking spot” notification after users found it to be too optimistic with their parking estimates. The article examines how this new technology can have a large effect on the automobile industry-what it’s capable of and what it might do in the future. The article also provides a glimpse into the future of Google Maps in terms of where users are using it. While it may be more useful to use it as a navigation system than as an online mapping service, there is a massive potential for Google Maps to provide more complex services.

This article serves as a reminder that while these new technologies are amazing, they aren’t without their faults and issues. As with any new technology, however, we should keep an eye on them so when this

The U.S. Government’s Google Maps Probe Could Send Ripples Through The Car Industry

In recent years, it has been more common for companies to offer their customers services with the cloud. These companies provide a combination of hardware and software, and then charge users based on how much they use the service. This is a new way in which users can access information that is difficult or impossible to collect by traditional means. Recently, the U.S. Government began an investigation into Google Maps and whether or not this was an unfair business practice because of the impact it had on companies that offer maps for consumers. As time moves on, these questions will become more important as electronic devices become more widespread in cars that rely on navigation systems for their driving capabilities .

In the early days of the internet, users often communicated using email, instant messages and social media. As time moved on, these services evolved into online journals and news feeds. The internet has become an all-encompassing tool for users over multiple disciplines which allows them to share content quickly and efficiently through e-mail, blogs, Twitter and Facebook. Users can share photos, videos and reports with their friends easily through these networks. With this new technology in place, it is becoming

What are the implications of this investigation?

This investigation started in December 2017 when the U.S. Government opened an inquiry into Google’s business practices and whether or not they were anti-competitive. This investigation has had many implications for Google, because it made them question their ability to pass information about user searches to third party developers. It also put a huge question mark on the industry as well, because these types of investigations have taken place before with other companies such as Microsoft and Apple. But this isn’t the first time Google has been under investigation by both the US Government and European Union. In 2014, it was revealed that the British data protection authority (ICO) had found Google in violation of their privacy policies and fined $22 million dollars. But despite all these accusations and investigations, Google still operates as a relatively normal company. The main difference here is that this time around, their business practices are being questioned.

How has this investigation affected your opinion on Google?

What are the car companies doing to avoid the investigation?

The U.S. Government is investigating whether car companies are indeed engaging in unfair competition by giving away their customers’ personal information to Google Maps. By giving Google this information, these companies are able to offer current maps and real-time traffic updates without charging a fee. Eight car manufacturers were investigated, including Ford, Nissan, Honda, and BMW. Free maps have been offered on the Microsoft Map app since 2013 and Apple Maps began offering them in 2015. Car companies are using the investigation as an opportunity to encourage consumers to purchase new cars which have more technology that collects data from the GPS tracker and other sensors on the car and offers safety features like automatic breaking. Read more:

How could the investigation affect consumers?

The U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission and the FCC are investigating whether Google violated antitrust laws in the development of its new digital maps. If the FTC finds that Google did violate antitrust laws, it could have a ripple effect on the car industry. The FTC could fine Google or even stop them from working with certain car companies in the future. 5. How could the investigation affect competition?. It seems like Google is trying its hardest to corner the car industry by creating their own applications that can be added to current car systems. They have also created apps that are designed specifically for in-car use such as Google Navigation, Google Maps and Google Earth. The main concern of the FTC is if these GPS apps and others like it will hurt competition in the future with other companies, who then might try to lure customers away from Google.


Google has teamed up with the U.S. government to test out mapping servers, which has raised some concerns about privacy. Some companies have voiced their concern that the mapping data could be used against them in upcoming lawsuits and investigations. The EU has also expressed their concerns. According to the Guardian, Google’s privacy safeguards have been “unacceptable.” The company must present a privacy plan that covers the U.S., Europe and the rest of the world by June 1st.

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