The New Google App Script Open Url Feature

Technological innovations are being implemented each day that make personal lives easier. But does it makes the world feel more complicated? Technology is always becoming more advanced, but in a way that brings more confusion and fear – as humans are looking to make sense of it all, on every level. A blog article exploring how Google’s latest innovation can actually help this problem.

What are Open Urls?

Open URLs are a new feature in the Google App Script language. They make it easy to share scripts and code snippets with other developers, and let you embed scripts directly into your webpages.

To generate a new open URL, highlight some code in a script file and press Ctrl+O (on Mac) or Cmd+O (on Windows). You’ll see a new line that starts with “#url-…”. This is your open URL. You can also type your own open URL into the address bar of your web browser.

Open URLs help you share scripts and code snippets with other developers, and embed them directly into your webpages.

How to Create an Open Url

Google’s App Script Open Url feature makes it easy to create a URL that allows users to access your script directly from the Google search results. This can be a great way to make your script more accessible and help it stand out from the competition. Here are four steps to creating an open url:

1. Identify your script’s domain name. The first step is to identify the domain name of your script. Simply use the Domain tool in Google Search Console to look up your script’s current domain name. If the script is hosted on a website, simply hover over the property link in the Domains section of Google Search Console and copy the domain name that appears in the pop-up window.

2. Inspect your script’s existing URLs. Once you have identified your script’s domain name, inspect its existing URLs for any that might qualify as open urls. For example, if your script is located at, any URLs that begin with “” or “” would likely qualify as open urls. In addition, any URLs that include either “” or “https://beta-example.appspot

Why Use an Open Url?

A little-known Google App Script feature makes it easy to create open URLs, which can be used as shortcuts to your app’s contents or even embedded in other websites.

Google’s Open URL feature is frequently overlooked, but it can be extremely useful for creating quick and easy links to your app’s content and promoting your app on the web. Here are four reasons why you should consider using Open URLs in your apps:

1. Display links directly in Chrome and Firefox without leaving your current website: The Open URL feature lets you display links directly in Chrome and Firefox without having to leave your current website. This is great for quickly linking to specific parts of your app or for embedding links in other websites.

2. Automatically generate custom open URLs for individual users: The Open URL feature allows you to automatically generate custom open URLs for individual users. This can be useful if you want to give users a unique way to access specific parts of your app or if you want to embed links in emails or other forms of communication.

3. Make it easy to share your app’s contents with friends and followers: The Open URL feature makes it easy to share your app’s contents with friends and followers. This can be helpful if

How to Use an Open Url

If you’re not familiar with App Script, it’s Google’s programming language for making web apps. In addition to the usual Git commands and terminal windows, App Script has a library of built-in functions that allow you to write code in a concise and readable way.

One of these built-in functions is openUrl(), which takes two arguments: the URL you want to open (or present) and a callback function. The callback function gets called with three pieces of information: the URL parameter (if there is one), the filename if there was one, and an error object if there was an error opening the URL.

Here’s an example that opens a popup window with the title “Page Title” and the content of the page just searched for pizza on google. in it:

Alternative Example: Seeing Social Interactions on a Tab

Google’s new App Script Open Url feature allows you to see social interactions on any tab in the Google app. This is a great alternative to using the website activity stream, which can be difficult to follow when there are a lot of interactions going on. You can see the most recent interactions, as well as all interactions that have happened since the last time you opened the activity stream.


If you’re a Google Apps Script developer, then you’ll want to be aware of the new Open Url feature. With this new capability, you can open links in your script using just the url, without needing to encode it first. This is a big time-saver if you frequently need to open links in your scripts that are located on webpages or elsewhere on the internet. Don’t wait — get started using Open Url right away!

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