The Elegant New Gmail Designs And Features Coming Soon

The team at Google have introduced a redesign of the Email, Calendar, and Docs for Android apps in the new Material You design. This update will bring a variety of new features to these applications including an “email inbox” for quickly finding important emails, the ability to resize your text-heavy emails to take up less space on your phone, edited images in Gmail accounts and canned responses from partners instead of typing them out yourself, as well as more tools to help you focus when writing that some working professionals often need. The update is available for the Android app of the three applications. Google also says that there is no immediate change yet for iOS users, but by later this month most of the features will be coming to users on those platforms as well.

Why Google’s new design will benefit your productivity

Recently, Google announced a brand new design for Gmail, which will soon be available to everyone. At the same time, they revealed many new and powerful features that will keep users on an even keel. Continue Reading

Google Photos expands facial recognition to photos and videos While lots of applications are making leaps to better identify you, one app that has always been able to do it is Google Photos. In a series of blog posts, announced that the application would now expand beyond photos with new detection capabilities.Continue Reading

Features of the new design

Recently, there have been many updates to Gmail. These updates include the introduction of new and updated features. Some of which are enhancements to search functionality and a very professional design. There will be short videos associated with subject lines in emails, an easier way to time-delay messages while still being alerted when they’re pushed back, customizable presets for different message reactions, and a revamped navigation menu. With so many changes coming to the newer design of Gmail it is easy to understand why most people are excited about the update. Email has become much simpler to use, taking many of the work out of composing messages. If you want a pick me up for Gmail, check out these visual representations of the new email experience and other images that show off some of the design tweaks through screenshots.

Many of the new Gmail features are useful, such as when you can see which email has been read or deleted. Other features include more customization options, like changing the font and size, screen settings, and other settings for viewing messages. However, some users have expressed concerns that all these new features might be too confusing for them. On the other hand, current users who want to customize their Gmail experience may not like the changes.

A comment by Lindograg (a G+ user) states, “I actually still use my old Gmail account, because 32 pages of emoticons and GIFs are hard to delete.” This statement shows how difficult it is for users to get used to all of the new features. What do you think? Do you like having more customization options in Gmail or do you prefer

How to adopt the design on your computer

Google recently launched a new design on their Gmail page. This new design is more than just a fresh coat of paint on the screen. Features have been added that you can use more effectively and efficiently. You can use this introduction to the new Gmail design to learn how to adopt a new user-friendly Gmail interface in just a few minutes.

Use Adopta

Adopta is web platform that makes it easier for you and your users to adopt new technologies. You can follow their guidelines if you want other people to take advantage of the features immediately available through Gmail’s replacement button. The site shows, explains and guides you on how exactly you should use your own isEmail

his is an exciting time for Google with design improvements coming soon

Gmail is a free email and service that is seen as the leading program for sending text, photo, or video messages. The company has announced that they will be updating their design in coming weeks in order to bring some excitement back to the program while improving your overall Gmail experience. Currently, the current version of Gmail interface is not for everyone. This new change will provide consistent categories and notifications within your Gmail account.

Your complaint about Gmail relies on the lack of colors within their program, as well as the button options that closely resemble other programs. With this necessary update, you’ll see colors and a visual effect that you don’t have to contend with. The new black and white design that aligns messaging instead of looking like different apps or emails enables


Gmail has recently made a comeback due to the more Gmail designs and features. Sources say that they expect to see the release of new designs and features in the coming months with these changes coming later on in 2015. The company says that these changes will be under constant design so that people are always up-to-date on what is new and changing in their inboxes. The new inbox will give Gmail users a redesigned address and a filter out inbox setting that outlines the folders and add-ons they’re more likely to utilize than most. Gmail is currently working on an improvement in their filters to help with conversation view flags.

When this roll out begins we can safely say that among all of the email providers and third parties we use, Gmail still has their winning elevator pitch. It’s elegant, kind of refined but still familiar by far. A

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