The Complete Guide To Using Google Calendar’s Time Insights Feature

Creating a schedule that works for your busy lifestyle and maintaining it takes a lot more work than you’d imagine. You have to plan out your night time, ensure that the whole time isn’t just eaten up by binge watching your favorite show on Netflix or chatting with co-workers, come up with how much time you want to spend in bed daily, decide when you want to eat, wake up in the morning, go between long breaks and other activities to meet deadlines…the list goes on and on. That’s why it’s so important to optimize everything.


The Time Insights feature allows you to see how your day is spent. You are given a graph of your afternoons, your mornings, and the number of tasks being completed. It will also tell you which hours have high numbers of tasks and help you find ways to space tasks out, so that you have time in between each one.

The History Of Google Calendar

Google Calendar is brilliant. This app has so many features that they deserve their own article. One of their most unique features is the Time Insights feature. It allows you to analyze the events in your calendar, analyze how much time you spend with others and on individual tasks, and even map out your life for a week with detailed visuals about any disruptions. This can be very helpful in planning the future.

Understand What Time Insights Tell You

Google Calendar has an innovative Times insights feature. This tool shows you detailed information about your weekly schedule, when you typically get in and out of meetings, when you are idle (a waste of time according to Google), and when you have most of your conversations. Once you have this information, it’s easier to figure out ways to make the most of your time so that it’s even more productive than before. Take a quiz to see whether you have time management or time-wasting problems. There are certain signs that show you’re using your time in a healthy way — and unhealthy ways, too. These include having activities scheduled 95 percent of the time, regularly dropping activities without rescheduling them, and relying on technological devices too much. If any of this sounds like you, it’s time to make some changes so that you can use your time more effectively.

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Use This Data To Make Your Calendar More Effective

If you want to make your Google Calendar more effective, you should use the Time Insights feature. This allows you to view how frequently a specific activity takes place and how many hours it’s allocated for. You can also see the weekly amount and average duration of your events. After reviewing this data, you might realize that you’re spending more time editing meetings than planning them, so now is a good time to start changing that. Spend the Time To Schedule The Right Activities. Google Calendar is designed to allow users to enter events rapidly, but if you know in advance that you’re scheduling something important, you should really plan it out in advance with enough time for adjusting things later on. This helps keep things organized and ensures that the most important events don’t fall through the cracks. Flinders University produces a comprehensive guide to organizing your schedule which covers this exact topic.

Conversion Boosters: Time Trends in Sales, Calls, and Invoices

Conversion Boosters: Time Trends in Sales, Calls, and Invoices

There are many stats that you can get from Google Calendar. But what about trends? We can’t always be looking at the data from yesterday’s visitor last night. Have you considered how visitors behave before, during, and after conversion? After researching the science for google calendar insight basic patterns start showing up. Call your Google Calender professional today to find out more about the features available to optimize your business! Install Google Analytics Pixel on your web site track visitor actions online and off

Conversion Boosters: Time Trends in Sales, Calls, and Invoices. Conversion Boosters: Time Trends in Sales, Calls, and Invoices

When are your visitors looking at you website? The pattern of human behavior is often consistent over time. We can use this to enhance our own understanding of the economic “tails” posed by possible available conversion blocks.

Google Calendar Alerts


There you have it! Time insights offers powerful functionality for proactively establishing when the best time is to schedule an event. It can be used from project management to personal and team planning, or even wedding coordination.

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