The 15 MOST INTERESTING And Surprising Things About The Giant, Google

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15 Interesting things about the Giant, Google

When applying for jobs, Google looks more in depth than any other company. If you apply using an online form on their website, they’ll even send an email asking you more questions. The policy to keep this comfortable atmosphere is to provide a welcoming environment where the candidate feels like their question is important and isn’t being judged or condescended to. I’ve heard so many negative stories regarding candidates being judged because they’re overqualified or seem like they might want to be paid well.

16 Describe the perfect hire. If a company wants a long-term employee, then chances are that hiring process makes use of some kind of ranking system and is competitive by nature. Your only chance at getting hired for a job you don’t have experience with or are qualified for is going through a competitive interview process to get the base salary your preparation deserved

How Google collects all this data

We’ve all heard of the saying “Big data. The same phrase is on everyone’s lips in recent years, and it’s often talked about in relation to how gaining access to more information has changed life as we know it. In other words, it sounds perfect for advertisers, right? Well it turns out that Google is taking data and privacy a bit more seriously – or at least they pretend to.

Google’s: Your data is your money when they want it back [TechNewsWorld]

What you may not know about Google

You would think that one of the most valuable companies in the world would have a lot of interesting trivia about themselves and their establishment, but the opposite ends up being true with Google. This tech giant really doesn’t talk about those things unless it has to. For instance, no one knew that there was an airstrip, “Googlesky” on top of Mountain View until a few years back. Even more surprising was when they opened up access to stock on some shares last year.

Introducing some new and up and coming features

One thing that Google is constantly working on is new features. They do this in order to create the most helpful gadgets possible. And recently, they’ve had great success with these products. Some of these include: Androids Assistant and the Assistant Pad. People love how seamlessly they can control their household using their voice, and the Assistant Pad allows them to make it even easier

Ways to market yourself, your business and your blog

With each of the giant Google’s thirty year anniversary, bloggers and business people would want to find new ways to market themselves, their businesses, and blogs. The giants first anniversary was in September 1998, they launched their search engine on the now well-known site. Now is the time when entrepreneurs may want to create buzz by marketing themselves through Google’s logo.


In the end, we discovered that Google had a number of interesting and surprising features. For example, their giant search engine compares your lifestyle with other users to give you advice about what food you should add to your diet and track how much time you spend working. They also offer Artificial Intelligence for converting foreign languages into English even if you know a few words already

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