The 10 Services You Should Be Using To Create A Better Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a service you likely depend on and there are benefits to using it – more productivity in the course of your day, including noting marketing goals, the ability to share things like travel plans, running ideas and other schedules. In this article, however, author Katherine de Almeida goes into detail about 10 services that will make life easier for you online so that you can have a better Google Calendar experience. The article also includes brief reviews of the products mentioned at the bottom of the list where you can get more information on them.

10 Essential Services

Google Calendar is a great tool for organizing events, holidays, and scheduling appointments. But one thing that can affect your productivity is having to spend time looking for a resource or engage in a lengthy process to create the calendar. To avoid this waste of time and energy, services such as IFTTT, Zapier, Wunderlist

and Doist have been created that allow you to automate some of Google calendars most common processes. In addition to creating schedules and reminders, these services offer helpful tools such as recipe creators

Best Practices For Using Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a necessary part of life, especially in the office! To start a new schedule or blow up appointments on your calendar, Google Calendar provides easy instructions in the website. When you’re done, click “Done” because that’s how Google recommends you should click to save and send an email confirmation. You can also opt for an automated process by adding to an address book that contains the Gmail addresses of your contacts who has access to your calendar.

Organizing Your Calendar

Google Calendar is a useful tool, mainly because it’s so easy to use. You can create an event and add it to your calendar in just a few clicks. It also has important functions like the ability to add photos, send emails and text invitations, or Google Plus invites that you can share via email. However, this doesn’t mean it always works perfectly on its own. You’ll always need software products like Evernote if you want more advanced features like smart collecting or using Reminders for your tasks.

Taking Notes

You may want to use Google Keep, which you can learn about at for notes. Something as simple and easy as I need a doctor to write down his name, give an appointment, and phone number really takes the work out of multitasking.

Managing Your Information

If you are running a business or are too strapped for time to maintain your calendar, you can use some of the services available that can help you out. Whether it is creating a more efficient schedule with Google Calendars shared between work and home or scheduling tasks in Asana, these productivity apps let managers make their calendars more manageable. No matter which one you decide on, all the apps will be able to provide additional tools to your management plans with little effort.

If You Need to Plan A Trip Out Of State/Country

“I’ll have the babysitter bring an umbrella.” If you need to plan a trip that’s outside of your native country and you don’t have time to do it, consider hiring somebody else. Services like Live Out Caller make it possible for your parents or professors to take care of looking after events in your calendar. Basically all you need to do is give them access to your Google Calendar and let them know when you’ll be away. With this service, if something happens before your planned departure date, they’ll be able to handle the situation without losing any days off work or other necessary schedules.

Finding Time To Work On Projects

Finding time to work on projects is hard. That’s why searching for time off is your first step. You should also make a habit of checking your calendar regularly, as this will help you find time to keep your project on track. If you are still having trouble finding the time for that last-minute project, it may be worth looking into using a service like Task Rabbit to find someone who can help you out with an hour of work in exchange for payment. Some services even allow those in the US or Canada use their service and earn money while they are at it!

Personal Events And Birthdays

Attaching a service to Google calendar allows you to customize it to your exact needs. If there’s something you would like to see on your calendar more often, use a service that works best for that.

Choosing Vendors And Making It Work For You

Google calendar is one of the most popular calendars around and it’s one that anyone can use. However, it does have some drawbacks. You cannot always see your own events from other computers because Google doesn’t allow you to transfer data across devices, but this is easily fixed. Another drawback of Google Calendar is the lack of detail in colors or theme choice. If you are a color-comprehending individual, this may bother you. Luckily for us, there are services that exist to fix these problems by synchronizing your calendars across devices and offering luxury themes. Here are 10 services with Real Time Sync:

The Blind Leading The Blind Or What Happens When People Fight Over Control

Who’s In Charge? We Aren’t!

This post revolved around the question we all keep asking, who’s in charge here? Do you want to be in charge or do you want someone else to be in charge? Needing control of your day empowers you. With that said, you’ll want to take a few minutes and make use of these 10 amazing Google Calendar services that are out there. The Blind Leading The Blind Or What Happens When People Fight Over Control

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