Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) to offer Google Workspace to Businesses through Google Cloud Partnership

TTBS provides businesses with the opportunity to give their workforce a single, unified experience for workplace communication and collaboration, as they continue to scale and modernize their cloud infrastructure.

TTBS helps businesses increase their efficiency, boost productivity, and grow their business faster with Google Workspace. Designed to meet every unique business need, Google Workspace helps companies streamline workflows and meet deadlines effortlessly.

Google Workspace is the most in-depth platform tailored for business collaboration. With immersive collaboration and deeply integrated product experience at its core, Google Workspace has all your Gmail, Google Apps chat, Google Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and more with trusted Google Cloud security to power through industry-leading cloud capabilities. It’s easy to integrate with other software applications to gain added insights and eliminate data silos in company data or sync Google Docs with communications tools like Slack.

Tata Tele-Business Services and Google Cloud have joined forces to offer small and medium businesses a new level of service for their needs! This collaboration is a testament to the shared vision that both entities have when it comes to supporting productivity and enhancing digital maturity. This will allow them to utilize the right tools for staying connected, productive, and delivering better customer experiences. This alliance is a significant step in strengthening Tata Teleservice’s efforts to make cloud capabilities more affordable for everyone!

In order to increase collaboration and productivity among co-workers, Google has created a formidable software suite. This software works with other applications to offer many distinct tools that include everything from calendars to file sharing.

Google Workspace offers a comprehensive technology stack, including tools like:

Gmail is an integral part of Google’s connected suite of office applications. It has become a widely recognized email provider, and it’s collaborative and easy to use.

Shared, hosted and collaborative documents: Cloud-based documents that can be securely shared and edited in real-time or asynchronously.

Slide: An in-browser presentation tool that allows you to create and edit presentations with data pulled from other Google Cloud apps.

Sheets is a collaborative, secure spreadsheet for fast-moving organizations.

Calendar is a tool for scheduling meetings, inviting others, selecting meeting locations, and adding a virtual videoconference link to your meetings.

Drive allows you to store, access and share all your important files securely from anywhere.

From surveys to questionnaires, forms are one of the best ways you can collect key data and make decisions based on it.

With Chat and Spaces, you can easily send a message to someone in your company. You even get the flexibility that comes with being able to collaborate with others through group chats.
Using a sentence rewriter is often the easiest way to rewrite complex sentences that include commas. These sentence rewriters work by first getting rid of the commas and then rewording the sentence without them.

Meet Secure video meetings for teams and businesses

Sites allows teams, projects, or events to create engaging and high-quality sites with a single login.

Apps Script is a low code platform that makes it easy to build business solutions that integrate seamlessly with Google Workspace. Once your solution is built, you can upload it to the apps script marketplace and have other people download and enjoy your app.

Google Cloud Search: Use the power of Google to search across your company’s content

One of the best ways to stay organized and on task is by creating a list-based Reminder App. This app will allow you to make lists, notes, reminders and meet your goals for the day.

Jamboard is the perfect tool for brainstorming and ideating big ideas, whether it be on a tablet or phone, in a browser window or through a desktop program.

As a result of their efforts to empower businesses with innovative, reliable solutions, TTBS has been able to strengthen its portfolio. Their business-focused solutions such as Smartflo, Smartoffice and Ultra-Lola all make for strong investments in the future of today’s enterprise.

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