Nine Tips That Will Make You Switch From Apple’s Calendar To Google Calendar

Apple’s Calendar app is a great tool for managing your weekly-to-monthly schedule. It can be synced with all your other Apple devices, and it also integrates with other calendar services like iCloud, G Suite, and Outlook. But at the end of the day, Google Calendar does a lot more than Apple’s Calendar app – so if you’re not already using it to organize your life, maybe it’s time to make the switch. Here’s how:

Step 1: Make sure that your Google account has the right permissions to interact with Calendar. Chances are, if you’re already using Gmail, you’ve set this up already. The process can be found in Step 2 here.

Step 2: Sync Google Calendar to your iOS device. You’ll find a settings toggle at the top of your Calendar app itself, or from Settings > Accounts & Passwords >Google .

Step 3: You should now see

The Benefits of Google Calendar

Apple’s Calendar is a free app, but Google Calendar has many more features. It can send reminders before an event, and can even integrate with the other apps on your phone like Gmail. With Google Calendar, you’ll never miss another meeting or appointment again! How to Change Your Calendar App. Changing your calendar app is easy! Instead of opening up the app on your phone, go to Settings and tap “Apps.” Scroll down until you see the app you want to change, then tap it. The next screen will show all of the types of data that are saved, including your calendars. If you only use one calendar, then you can hit “Uninstall” here. However, if you have multiple calendars (like a work and personal calendar

Switching From Apple to Google Calendar

Apple’s Calendar app has not been updated since 2012 and while it used to be a popular choice, it is no longer a great option. Google Calendar has many advantages including integrations with other Google products. It can also synchronize with your iPhone so you never miss an event again

Integrating Google Calendar with Other Services

Google Calendar is the best service for people who need to share their schedule with other people. It is free and easy to use. The only downside of Google Calendar is that you have to use it on your phone or computer, but it integrates with many other services, making it much easier to keep track of your calendar. If you want to sync your calendar with Outlook, Google Calendar will do this as long as you don’t have a UC Berkeley email address for example. You can also sync your calendar with Apple’s Mail app if you have a Gmail account.

Creating Events in Google Calendar

When creating an event in Google Calendar, it is best to use a date for the start and stop time. Google Calendar automatically calculates the duration of the event and it’s duration in hours and minutes. It also provides other information like the event location, whether there is a cost, and if people need a password to join. Once you’re done creating an event, you can share it with others using your calendar ids or email addresses

Setting Popup Reminders on Your Device

If you’re looking to make your reminders more effective, then having pop-up reminders is necessary. You can set the time and frequency of these reminders. When setting the time, it’s best to have reminders a few minutes before the event, so that you don’t forget and miss it. The frequency time should be at least fifteen minutes before an event to give yourself enough time to prepare.

Managing Your Time with the Agenda View

Google Calendar’s Agenda view is better for managing time than Apple’s Calendar View. The Agenda View will show you all of your appointments at the top, and events that are coming up in the next day or two below them. It will also show you how much time is left until each event, so you can plan your day accordingly.

Presenting information this way clearly shows the most important events first, so they can be quickly prioritized according to what’s happening now and what will happen soon.

Quickly Navigating to Different Sections of Your Calendar

One of the more frustrating things about the Apple Calendar is that you can’t easily get around to different parts of your calendar. But Google Calendar makes it easy to jump from day to day, and week to week. There’s also a sidebar on the left side of your screen that makes it easy to quickly switch between dates and months. Plus, you can add events without having to go through a separate process like with Apple’s Calendar.

What the Settings Do

When you first open up Google Calendar, it will ask you to select what time zone you are in. After that, scroll down to the “Settings” option. There are many options under Settings: General, Appearance, Display, Reminders, and Notifications


I hope this article has been helpful to you by giving you some tips to make your life easier, whether it is using a different calendar app or changing your phone. If only more people knew about these simple tips, then there would be less stress in the world

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