New Features Coming For Google Docs

When it comes to keeping your work organized and your content updated, Google Docs is one of the easiest tools to use. This time, Google has added a few formatting features that can simplify that process for you. Try typing and rewriting your entries in alternative fonts – it will help you visualize which font you like best and make it much easier for you to set up your document.

New formatting tools

The new features coming for Google Docs will allow users to more easily design and create documents. The changes will also make the editing process easier. Furthermore, the Google spreadsheet can now link to files other than spreadsheets on the same Google Drive (e.g., PDFs).

Scroll improvements

One of the most anticipated features coming to Google Docs is the ability to scroll through 15,000 pages at once. That’s three times more than what’s available now! This should make collaborating online easier as well since it won’t be so hard to jump between sections or documents. Magic Cleanup, replaces multiple lines with a single line. This can come in handy, especially if you want to change from an email to the new Gmail.

Search timing improvements to make data easier to find across various organized platforms and various devices. For example, Google provides 1 billion new results for every hour of every day.

New Docs Sheets (think Microsoft Excel) Editor and clips prevent losing content accidentally. This again is really a usability feature that someone using paper

Zoom in changes

When typing, it can often be difficult to create clear, readable text on the screen. If a user is working with people outside of their company (otherwise known as external collaborators), they may want to write more concise words that can be read on the other end. The zoom text feature allows colleagues who are on different computers to change how the text appears. It’s perfect if you’re working with people in different locations and need to make sure that words are clear on the screen at all times. Get in tune with your people. If you’re working in public, then it’s important to make sure that you are aware of what everyone is doing. To do this, Quick Office provides the possibility to see what other people are viewing at any time. It’ll even remember which app users stopped upon logging out of their computers and then reopen for them when they switch back on again.

10 Essential Tools

Professional collaboration tools without having to break your wallet needs to be a goal


This feature was announced back in March and will help users escape from an endless loop of editing.

The trick is that we finally have a feature to click “save” really quickly when we’re done editing, so you don’t have to keep jumping back into the same conversation. Rumor has it that this feature will make way for chat-based collaboration in different document formats, including Google Slides and GDocs. The leaked screenshots—which you can see below— depict an infinite Todoist document, which could indicate that these collaboration features may be revving up.

Todoist is definitely the way to go for all your task management needs, and there’s a lot to love with this upgrade. We’re looking forward to what else Chromepeople has in store for us and we can’t wait to hear the announcement of more chat-based functionality thanks to this release. Hopefully we’ll get a look

White spaces and character reference shortcuts

With the update, Google and Microsoft Word claim to make for more accurate formatting documents instead of manually having to label every word with a semicolon. This can save a lot of time in long documents. Can be kind of annoying at times. When you’re formatting a document, a notification will pop up telling you to save the changes regularly. Now that’s not exactly annoying, but it would be nice if they expanded on this feature and counted words too. A count alongside a word is much better than simply being told to save in one privacy or other folders.

Character Full-Screen Keyboard on Android and iOS devices In its first version created, the app has been in beta since August

URLs and links

Google has finally decided to update Google Docs so that users can now share links, URLs, and files via the document editor pane. This will allow many people to be able to collaborate on one draft of an article or report without having to worry about sharing the same file. However, these features are still only available in Google Docs for now. Therefore, you may need to use a third-party file sharing tool like DropBox or OneDrive on your Google Docs account.

Editorially speaking, the new features are actually pretty nice as they can make it easier for people to collaborate. The document editor is certainly a helpful feature like the picture edit features in Google Drive. If you have kids or grandkids and you want to give them access to some of your personal documents and things they shouldn’t be able to see,

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