Microsoft 365 for Home vs. Google Workspace Individual: Which is better for you?

Microsoft Business Edition and Google’s G Suite both provide digital collaboration software and services. They come with responsive design, unlimited storage, and easy access to document sharing for an affordable price. Microsoft 365 and Google Workplace both offer plans tailored for a broader audience, perfect for anyone looking to improve productivity without overdoing it. The choice is always up to you– decide which one is best for your specific needs!


Microsoft 365 vs. Google Workspace: Cross-platform availability

Can’t decide which productivity suite to choose? Cross-platform availability is one of the most important features to consider. Microsoft Office 365 apps like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, Teams and Outlook are available on the following platforms:

Windows is a popular operating system with a wide range of parts and hardware, depending on what you need.


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iOS focuses on the unique features of iOS, including its blazing fast performance, reliable Apple iCloud support, and sheer versatility.


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Google Workspace offers cloud-based productivity apps, desktop versions for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Web versions. In addition, the company’s cloud storage service, Google Drive, is natively available on Windows and Mac. Google has created shortcuts to access Docs, Sheets, and Slides in a single click.

Microsoft introduced native desktop versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Microsoft Windows and Mac in 2017. Linux users can install Office 365 via web or mobile apps, but ChromeOS users must rely on web or mobile apps to view and edit their files. Microsoft Office apps allow you to work offline as needed, while Google Workspace only works when connected to the internet on your browser.

Microsoft 365 for Home vs. Google Workplace: Software and features in each plan


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If you’re interested in Microsoft 365, here’s the full breakdown of the benefits:


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Microsoft Excel

OneDrive offers 1 TB of storage for your account.

Feature-rich Microsoft’s Teams

Microsoft Outlook lets you avoid advertising

Clipchamp video editor offers a wide array of premium filters and effects to give your videos the professional polish they deserve.

Google Workspace Individual unlocks the following features and various enhancements to your Google account:

Google Docs (Word alternative)

Google Slides (PowerPoint alternative)

Google Spreadsheets (Excel alternative)

With the features offered by Google Meet (Teams alternative), life can be pretty sweet for business owners.

Better Gmail experience

Google Workspace makes it easy to work together in real time, with powerful tools that allow you to create and share powerful presentations, documents and spreadsheets. In addition, you can always integrate add-ons from the Google Workspace Marketplace to customize your workspace for an even better experience.

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Microsoft 365 for Home offers a worry-free email experience on Outlook for mobile and web. Plus, you have access to all the features of Outlook Calendar, To-Do, and Contacts to manage your tasks, reminder lists, and workflow like a pro.

Google Calendar gives you more tools in the Workspace Individual plan, like appointment booking and automated day-of availability updates. Gmail makes it easy to create professional-looking emails, newsletters and marketing emails on your own domain. You can even run email campaigns to grow your business. With Gmail, you can upload your own images and customize your brand with a specific logo and color.

Google Workspace has a few benefits that Microsoft 365 for Home doesn’t, such as automatic backups and the ability to restrict access to files on your computer.


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Microsoft Office 365 is a service designed with the daily tasks of everyone in mind. It strived to set itself apart with robust email and calendar support, while Google workspaces distinguished themselves with better email and calendar tools. However, Microsoft jumps quickly back into the game with generous OneDrive storage for their subscribers.

OneDrive is designed with security in mind. You can share files and documents with friends and colleagues securely through link expiry dates and password protection. OneDrive also works hand-in-hand with the Galaxy Gallery app, a partner for Samsung devices, giving you plenty of ways to share what you create.

With Google Workspace Individual, you gain access to 1TB of Google Drive, as well as all the features you’re used to from our premium offerings. You will also be able to use it with Android, or your Chrome OS device for automatic backups. That’s in addition to being integrated with Google Photos.

Microsoft Workspace vs. Google’s Home Experience – Video Meetings


It’s essential that entrepreneurs have a productive workflow with video meetings. It’s the one way to stay connected, right? Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace deliver a smooth video call experience so you can work professionally without any hassle. Google Workspace Individual subscribers can host group calls for up to 24 hours and also record meetings for later viewing or to improve your productivity. With our streamlined solutions, you’ll find that your meetings are more productive than ever before.

Microsoft Teams, Microsoft’s team collaboration tool, offers good video conferencing capabilities. Live announcements, breakout rooms for better messaging, and better recording capabilities are just some of the things that make it a more powerful tool than Google Meet.

Microsoft 365 license vs. Google WIndows 10

There are two plans to choose from when purchasing Microsoft 365 Home. To start, you can purchase Microsoft 365 Personal for $7 per month or $70 per year. If you plan to share the product with the team or family members, you’ll need to purchase Microsoft 365 Family for $10 per month or $100 per year. The Family plan includes all the same goodies and permissions as Personal, but it’s also perfect for up to six people. They’re also offering six months of Uber One and a coupon worth $25 off your first Uber East order for limited time only!

With Microsoft 365 for Home, you get access to the premium effects and filters in the Clipchamp video editor. Additionally, it includes collaboration tools like Microsoft Lists, Yammer, Forms, and Planner apps; business-class email; apps for business such as SharePoint; and Microsoft Bookings (making it easy for clients to book appointments). The company offers Business Basic, Business Standard, and Business Premium plans starting at $6, $12.50 a month per user.

Google Workspace Individual pricing starts at $10 per month or $100 per year. Like Microsoft 365 Business, Google offers Workspace Business packs to allow more participants to video meetings, use custom and secure business emails ( vs., and advanced security, authentication, and management tools. The Business Starter plan is priced at $6 per user per month. You can check details for other Google Workspace plans like Business Standard and Business Plus from the official Google Workspace website.

Google Workspace is a paid service that gives users access to their files and documents with the added security of collaboration. There are some special restrictions, though, because Google gives users only 1GB of GBs for free. Another option for people starting out with Google Drive is signing up for Google One, which starts at $2 per month but offers a range of storage options and increased security over Google Drive.

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