Meet Your New Calendar Saving Pal: The Copper Chrome Extension

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Copper Chrome Extension

Copper Chrome Extension is an extension for Google Chrome that warns you about discounts or sales. It is also a browser extension for Amazon. Copper Chrome Extension is installed in a browser and constantly watches the web for deals. It can alert you when items are on sale, coming soon, or if specific items appear more often than other items in your search results. In addition, the app will let you know when a coupon code has been applied to a product and how much value it will save you on your purchase. The app will also allow you to share items on your list with friends and family, add items directly to your wishlist and more.

How does it work?

The Chrome Extension allows users to automatically save their calendar items to the clock. The extension also makes it easy to set up a reminder or alarm on the clock. All you need to do is enable the functionality in the extension’s settings and you are good to go!

How long can I use this software?. The Chrome Extension is free of charge and you can use it as long as you want. You will receive important reminders such as appointments, birthdays, or other important events in your calendar.

Can I create my own appointment automatically ?. Yes, you can! In the extension’s settings you can create your own appointment’s and automatically send them to your clock. What’s more, you will be able to set up a reminder or an alarm on the clock for that specific appointment.Can I sync my calendar with Google Calendar?. The Chrome Extension can sync your appointments and reminders with Google Calendar. This means that if you have multiple calendars in your Google account you can keep track of all of them

Features of the extension

The extension has a calendar that does not require any double clicking or scrolling. The calendar will show you the full week, so you can plan ahead for your events. You also have the option to view other calendars, such as your work calendar or family calendar. One of the most important features is that it allows you to customize your background image and color, making it easier to identify what is happening in each month.

Can the extension be used on any browser?

Chrome offers a number of extensions that you can use for various reasons. One of the most useful extensions is Chrome’s extension for saving money on your shopping trips by using coupons and deals as you shop. This allows users to save time and money when they are at their computer browsing the sites on which the extension has discovered coupons and deals.

Can the app be used outside of Google?

Yes, the app can be used outside of Google. It is currently in beta and has not been fully tested by anyone. However, the app has been able to save my life multiple times. I am currently sitting in a meeting and it told me that I could leave without even looking up from my phone screen. Please note that the app will only give you an accurate radius around where you are sitting. If you want to know if your phone is connected to a certain Wi-Fi network, simply open the app and select “Wi-Fi” under “Nearby.”


Chrome has a lot of good features, but when you’re trying to find an event that is coming up soon and can’t remember what day it falls on, the calendar shows no sign of helping. With the Copper Chrome Extension, however, you will finally have more information about upcoming events. The extension goes by the name “Copper” and will show you upcoming events from different calendars in copper instead of blue or green. Aside from that, you can also customize your own color for upcoming events. The extension is being actively developed and it can be found at

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