Make Any Calendar New With These 14 Google Calendar Add-Ons

The best part of any calendar application is that it can sync with your other devices. Google Calendar is no exception to this, which is why Google has introduced a plethora of add-ons that allow you to customize it for any use! This article will redinque you the most useful calendar add-ons for your google account. So if you’re ready for something new, try these out and see how much easier your day ahead becomes! Google Calendar Add-ons

Basically, with the click of a few buttons and easy integration with your Google account, you can change the look and style of your calendar to meet all except for your own distinct requirements. Here are some popular add-ons:

Caffeine: This add-on gives you stunning visuals that don’t stray too far from the basic Google look. But by using them, you will really notice a handful of differences. The effects used in

Under the Hood: What You’ll Need

The number of calendars you’ll be maintaining will rely on the number of projects or activities you have going on. But you only need one calendar to use Google Calendar. It’s easy to take a screenshot and simply enlarge it, use this to create a new calendar for your current or future needs. With these 14 options available in the blog, it should cover all of your bases. Inside Google Calendar and Collaboration Apps. Inside the product, there are some settings and preferences that get altered from those you’d find using Google Calendar on your browser. If your organization uses a spreadsheet for their project planning, for instance, you’ll need to sync it so that your calendar shows jobs or assignments when you’re looking at the correct grid. You can do this via the Contact tab in Google Calendar. You also have options concerning scheduling a meeting. The defaults are pretty good but you true

Google Calendar Add-Ons

Apart from Google Calendar, there are many different apps for Microsoft OneNote, Evernote, and Trello. There are also several add-ons for Google events in our calendars. With these calendar add-ons, you can transform your everyday calendar into a much more personal one! How many calendars do you currently have? What useful events (or even happenings!) happened today? Which of your important planned events has been postponed and which are not? Figure out what you need your calendar to be like and go get it!

Streamline Your Plans

Whether you have one week ahead or 12 months, there is always the time sink of juggling many different to-do lists, from the grocery list to your exercise and coffee list. Enter Google Calendars add-ons like Theseus and Snooze That. These integrations allow you to create one list of everything that’s important to you, while also allowing you to prioritize tasks. Having a single task list means you don’t have to worry about planning, as it all falls onto your calendar details.

A Dedicated Day Planner

The first calendar add-on on our list is Omnifocus. Omnifocus lets you socially share things in your schedule like classes with your friends or family by creating “Focused Hours.” This can help you feel more relaxed, knowing that one person will always know your location and the best time to reach you. Another highly popular calendar add-on is Google Calendar templates which have many different color options and are very easy to make changes to.

Analyzing Your Time Usage

Google Calendar is a great tool because it can help keep track of your schedule. Whether you’re trying to work out how much time you spend on different activities and meetings, or if you need help planning for your monthly responsibilities, Google Calendar can accommodate all of these needs. In general, when people want to analyze their schedules and needs, they look for effective alternatives to Google Calendar but it has plenty of add-ons that help people find what they’re looking for!


If you log into Google Calendar and see your entire month spread out before you, chances are that it looks a little bland. Your schedule may seem chaotic if you’re like me and just check your calendar every morning. Luckily, there are more options to spice up the app on the Google Store than you know what to do with! Here are fourteen of my favorites:

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