Major Release: Introducing Google Docs

Just recently Google’s latest innovation, giving the average person their own business to run. Todays article is about an introduction to special features that the new update has introduced. These features are some of the best features on Google Chrome. It’ll show you ideas on how to improve your own web page/website. [Read more…]

The New Features of Google Docs

The newest features of Google Docs allow document editing, word processing, spreadsheet-style creation and collaboration. Snippets are highlights of text that can be copied and pasted without leaving the location of the original piece of content. Files also have search capability to let you research a topic for school or business purposes. Users can highlight portions of text and bring them up on a screen. More advanced users can take the contents of a document, copy it and place it on another page in a different part of the file.

Google Apps may be free, but you will have to pay for business-related uses like scheduling meetings and send emails: Google offers these plans specifically intended for businesses, although basically every Google package is geared to individuals as well (though corporate users will really appreciate some of the advanced tools available

Where to Find Your Free Introductory Guide and Checklist

Everyone has probably at one point in their lives used a Microsoft Word document. These days, however, Google Docs are quickly taking over the space. The company recently announced that it was introducing this latest office software for free on October 29th and has yet to stop surprising its share of clients who think they’re on the right side of the desk. Steve still maintains a certain optimistic view when it comes to the written word on the Web. “I’ve been amazed that everybody turned their backs on my core mission with Gmail, which is building a great email client,” he admitted to Fast Company at WWDC 2016. “But it’s because they wanted free services, they want free cloud storage, they want free whatever.”


Google doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise considering how much everyone gets paid in the tech world.

How to Collaborate

Collaboration features have traditionally been reserved for paid platforms, keeping Google Docs from being more widely used. Now, collaboration is available in all new releases of Docs. To get started with collaboration, or if you’re wanting to upgrade your current Docs account to have the new features, sign in to your Docs account by visiting From here, navigate to your project page and there in the upper right-hand side is Go To Export Templates. Click on this button so that you can follow along with our bill of materials (BOM) below:

Leave Comments Inside a Document

When someone shares a document with you, it’s easy to leave comments and suggestions. The comment section is located at the bottom of every page. If you like it, save it as you would any other document. However, if you find something wrong with the article, simply click on the Share button and select Edit in Office Web Apps. Doing so tells Outlook or SharePoint that you want to edit an item not only by receiving an email but also without having it linger in your Inbox as a draft on your hard drive.

For example, I was going to share a blog entry on a company I’ve never heard of before but

How to Get Started

Google Docs is a revolutionary application that has the ability to do anything Office does. It is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux which makes it easy for everyone to document and share ideas with each other. There are plenty of benefits to using this app, a couple of which are cost flexibility and the ability to have multiple people work on something at the same time, whether you edit it together or they do. This new release simplifies how someone can create a new document by just double-clicking on the center button where all of the documents are shown in a list. A yellow star will appear next to that document indicating it is the last one. While there are other abilities, this is the best way that anyone with any of those apps can easily create a new document for themselves.

Other advantages include the ability to rename how the creation dates label their created items and an option to document in author mode which adds a certain perspective when using these type of applications often. A feature that is not so important yet should be added are dual character passwords, which will

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