Keep What In Google Keep And What Out Of It?

Have you ever seen a question while you’re logged into your Google account asking “what content should I remove from my archive?” You might be thinking, “Well, all the stuff they want to forget.” But what if there was software that could do a better job at it? This article discusses and offers up an alternative to manual archiving of your Google Drive.

What Google Keep Is

Google Keep is a handy note-taking app that lets you keep track of your to-do list, ideas, and anything else you might need to remember. It’s also relatively easy to use and can be customized to your needs. If you’re using Google Keep as your primary note taking app, there are a few things you should keep in it and a few things you should avoid.

What to Keep In Google Keep:

-To-Do Lists: A to-do list is a great way to help organize your thoughts and keep track of your tasks. You can create as many to-do lists as you need, and the app will automatically categorize them based on their specific task.

-Ideas: Keeping Ideas organized is key for coming up with new ideas. Add an Idea to Google Keep if you have an idea for a project or want to document an idea for later.

-Memos: Memos can be anything from quick notes about what you were discussing at work to reminders for when your doctor’s appointment is. Memos are especially helpful if you forget something important!

What to Avoid In Google Keep:

-Private Notes: Private notes are notes that are only

How to Archive a Document

Most of us have documents that we print out and keep on hand. But what if you no longer need or want to keep the document? Google Keep makes it easy to archive a document so that you can keep only the portions of it that you want.

1. In Google Keep, open the document that you want to archive.

2. Highlight the text or section of the document that you want to keep.

3. Tap the three lines in from the top of the screen and select Archive from the menu that appears.

4. Name and save the archive with a location of your choice.

Configure Your Keep History Settings

Google Keep is a great way to organize your thoughts and keep track of what’s important to you. However, there are certain things that should definitely stay in Google Keep, and others that should be moved to another platform. Here are some tips for keeping everything in Google Keep, and getting the most out of it:

Keep What In Google Keep And What Out Of It?

1. Keeping Notes Like Meeting Notes and To-Do List Items In Google Keep Is Great For Speed & Organization

If you have a lot of notes that you need to access quickly, staying them all in Google Keep is a great way to do it. Notepads aren’t always the most efficient way to capture information, and having all of your notes in one place makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. Plus, since these notes are stored in the cloud, you can access them from any device or computer.

2. Creating Goals & Plans Aren’t Necessarily Best Kept In Google Keep

Some people swear by using Google Keep as their go-to goal tracker – but if you’re working on a large project or want more structure than what’s offered by Google Keep, moving your goals and plans to

Categorize Your Documents

Google has several services that help you manage and organize your data. Keep, a new service in Android O, helps you keep your content organized by categorizing it. You can keep items in Keep even if they aren’t stored in Google Drive.

Keep is similar to other services like Evernote and Notebook. It’s a digital notebook where you can store articles, notes, and ideas. You can create folders within Keep and add content from any source.

Keep works with both Google Drive and Sheets. If you have documents saved in either of those services, they’ll be automatically added to Keep. You can also add files from other sources, like Dropbox or local folders on your computer.

Keep is free to use, and it’s included with Android O operating system.

Deleting All of the Documents in Your Google Keep Folder

Google Keep is a great tool for monitoring and organizing your to-do lists, but you may find yourself deleting unwanted documents from time to time. If you’re looking to purge your Google Keep folder of all of the clutter, here are a few tips to keep your data organized and minimised.

First, consider whether there’s a specific document or list that you would rather not have in Keep. If so, remove it from your list or document by selecting it and pressing the delete key on your keyboard. This will remove the item from your list, but it won’t delete it permanently from your computer. You can always restore deleted items if needed.

Second, if you’re not sure whether an item should be in Keep or not, try keeping it out. If the document is relevant but doesn’t fit in with the general purpose of Keep, put it in a separate file instead. This will help keep your Keep folder more manageable and organised.

Finally, make sure you regularly check for updates to Google Keep. When new features are added or new documents are published, they may show up as new items on your list automatically. If this happens, don’t hesitate to add them


Google Keep is a handy way to track all sorts of things, but it can also be a place where you keep too much information. If you find that you’re compulsively snagging anything and everything that crosses your mind in Keep and adding it to the “Notes” section, it might be helpful to try out Google Calendar or another note-taking app instead. By separating work from personal data, you’ll be less likely to forget important details and more capable of handling critical tasks with ease.

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