It’s Time to Master Microsoft Excel by Linking It to Google Sheets

Microsoft took on Google Sheets by merging it with Excel from 2016 and did so because of the changes that were being made to Excel’s functionality. See how you can simplify tasks like editing multiple sheets, handling complex formulas, and importing all the data you need with just a single click.

What’s going on with Microsoft Excel?

Some companies have decided to move off of Microsoft Excel for their spreadsheets. One company that has decided to use Google Sheets as a replacement for Excel is Antalis, which provides software for manufacturing and production. They found that there were many benefits of switching away from Microsoft Excel, but their biggest gain turned out to be the increased speed and increased accuracy of the numbers in their computational models.

How to Link Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets

Excel has a lot of features that add utility to the everyday business professional. It’s these features that make it easy to organize data and produce reports but Excel also needs help with data entry. Thankfully, there are tools available to import this data from other programs, like Microsoft Access or Google Sheets. The interface may be slightly different when pasting information into Excel, then linking it to a spreadsheet program but the process is quick and painless.

Why add columns in Google Sheets

Google Sheets have a feature that automatically adds a row when you create columns in Microsoft Excel. You don’t have to turn Excel into an ode to MS DOS every time and use the Ctrl+Enter shortcut combination to tell Google Sheets “hey, let’s connect now.”

Change or delete sheets in Google Sheets

If you are working on your spreadsheet in Excel, you can copy and paste the data to a Google Sheets file. If you have some bad links and you need to switch out sheets in the spreadsheet, it is faster to use Google Sheets directly than to re-work them by hand. You will find that Excel functions like running totals or even writing formulas no longer work after you do this. Now they might only be partially applied. To fix this, click on Formulas in the Developer tab on the ribbon with your right mouse button. New tabs will appear with multiple lines of code for each function you write. Think through which function needs what type of input before typing anything into the developer fields manually.

Making a formula by using functions in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel formulas are used frequently. Most people make formulas by using functions that are designed in Microsoft Excel. By linking your workbook to Google Sheets, you can create new equations for a single division or companies expense reports. For example, you would use the ‘SUMMYD3()’ function to automatically sum up any columns of data in your spreadsheet. This is particularly useful when building out multiple column charts and segmented bar charts because it eliminates the need for and steps in creating these types of graphs from scratch

Uploading Columns to Microsoft Excel

Being a data analyst for my company, I need to be able to work with Microsoft Excel in order to analyze our data. By linking Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets, it cuts the time I have to transfer the information from Excel into Tableau. It is less expensive, easier, and faster because of this connection.

Make a Pivot Table and pivot Charts with data from Many Rows

The ability to have related data pulled from many rows is a vital part of spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel. Most spreadsheets are computer generated and can contain an infinite amount of different sections with values representing the entire spectrum. One way to get access to all rows of data is through pivot tables, which allow for the columns being shown to change dynamically as well as other options that can be set. The idea is easy; create a table and make sure at least two columns are named properly. Then, just delete rows until the desired number of rows is reached.

How to Sort Wide Data and Merge Cells in Google Sheets

Data merging can be a daunting task if you only use Microsoft Excel. With Google Sheets, data merging is much easier than it was before in Excel. All you have to do is select your Google Sheet and you will see a button on the left titled “Sort”. Right click and click on “Sort” to sort in Google Sheets.

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