Is Microsoft Excel Still The Smartest Tool for Developing Spreadsheets?

Many people know that Microsoft Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet program, but in times of growing popularity of Google Sheets, it’s hard to decide which one is more up to date. Do you still need Excel to be as efficient at what it does? How many users still use Excel that have their own spreadsheets and prefer to continue using it? Here are the reasons why you should consider using Google Sheets over Microsoft Excel.

Cost Effective

Since Google Sheets is a freemium service instead of an expensive IDE, Google Sheets get better advantages as compared to Microsoft Excel for spreadsheet analysis and designing purposes. Signing up for a Google Sheet depends largely on initial business requirement rather than functionality provided by the program. Affordable limited rights cost

What is Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a software application for viewing and editing spreadsheets, performing calculations, and making financial projections. It is probably not the smarter choice for someone looking for a spreadsheet app nowadays due to Notepad being a better alternative. However, it’s still extremely helpful to many users in their daily design projects. Mac Service and Support. Ability to run MacOS, Windows or Linux in a single PC. Use the same installer for Windows & Mac and have the ability to boot dual boot into macOS or Windows using an easier process than today’s methods.

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Why Excel is still the best tool for creating spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel should be considered the smartest tool for creating spreadsheets. It’s easy to use and excels at calculating sums and averages. If a user has a set amount of time and wants to implement specific equations in multiple cells, then Excel is an ideal application that can quickly get the job done. Reports can also be easily created by breaking down calculations across multiple sheets. Similarly, spreadsheets can be used to display numbers and other data. Whenever a user creates a summary document that is based on data from the multiple sheets, then excel will do the work of keeping each individual sheet in sync with the main spreadsheet. Microsoft did an excellent job of incorporating real-time collaboration and editing features into Excel. Users can hold data conversations within their spreadsheets, allowing for two or more people to quickly begin issuing instructions having collected information from one another and bringing it into a single unified

Microsoft Excel benefits over Google Sheets

Microsoft Excel is considered to be the most popular spreadsheet tool. It has a grid view and various types of visual formatting features. However, there are now at least four other spreadsheet tools that can produce similar results in just as much time or less: Google Sheets, Apache OpenOffice Calc, Apple Numbers and LibreOffice Calc.

Alternatives to Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel has been the go-to spreadsheet for many years, but that doesn’t mean it’s still superior or needed. Offerings like Google Sheets and OpenOffice Calc can do much more than Excel and provide a lot of new features and options. Whether you need to crunch numbers on a highly complicated spreadsheet of percentages, other formulas, or credit card debt management with bill payments, there are many options available that may do those jobs better without having to learn an intimidating suite of codes

Benefits of switching from Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets

The benefits of switching from Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets are numerous. It comes with built-in features that make it easier to create and edit spreadsheets. It has a way for people to interact with the formulas, giving more full control to the user. It also has improved search functions that make searching data much easier than in Excel. With these advantages, companies and even individuals may start using Google Sheets over Microsoft Excel because it can do much more than its predecessor.


Microsoft Excel has come a long way since its first release in 1983. By the time Microsoft released Office 2016, people were waiting around for a new version. The only problem is, no one uses it anymore–much less anyone under the age of 50, so that made it seem like it wasn’t that important anymore. But when Microsoft decided to stop developing the product, they took away one of the brightest tools for calculating and reporting. According to a recent study, 23% of business managers use Excel as their main tool. Many people think Microsoft should try to improve this program again and release more updates and upgrades.

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