Is Google Sites part of Google Workspace?

If you’re trying to decide between Google Sites and Google Workspace, check out whether or not one of your Google apps are listed full-fledged under the space that you need. Here are some of the many apps that were available at one point.

Is Google Sites part of Google Workspace?

This blog is about the process of connecting different parts of an organizations Google Drive. For example, a business would have its own account linked to one or more employee’s personal account. However, this blog isn’t just discussing that and much more. For instance, workspaces are now available through Google Sites. This simply means, some of your personal files will exist under your site. A real good step for us, Google Apps users. I hope that you’ll gain something understanding from this blog and let me know of your part in connection. Happy to. Noodles8 , 2008-12-15 22:06YARROW SCALE, CWE, FYI? We’re not sure what all of these acronyms mean.” yarrow scale” apparently refers to your use of a google drive, although “google drive” is already part of Yarrow for the win. Why I say that is that you supplied the url , which allows

All About Google Sites

Google Sites is a wonderful online writing and work collaboration tool – but is it part of Google Work Space? Google states that although Spaces makes it easy to create documents without leaving your computer, the site allows you to interact with others in person. I’m a bit confused, as my husband and I both have Sites Accounts configured to upload documents into Google Drive and that’s also part of Google Work Space.

Really? That’s what it means? It’s worth noting here that there is a link to try out Google Sites – but I haven’t had the chance to check it out. This sentence from my email exchange with Erik Cebeck doesn’t clarify where this confusion comes from – we already _know_ where space comes from. Google Spaces also lets you look down into the people who are taking a specific picture or adding to any documents area. Google has taken a step in exactly the direction that I’m interested, though it doesn’t seem entirely seamless or simple to me. You still have to click on the “Use” button at the top of every page in Google Drive, but with Spaces you can now hover over some images within posts and read just their names without having to find, access and open the individual document (like

Why is My Site Not in the Menu?

Google Sites comes with Google Work it provides a communications platform for teams to collaborate, share files and discuss projects at all times in real time. However, for some websites this means that their blog or website will appear under the “Sites” menu within that work. Some people have noticed that the “Sites” menu doesn’t show up with Google Search Console; therefore, it can be unknown whether your site is actually part of the set of sites that are included within Google Sites.

How do I get my site out of the menu?

Some people refer to Google Sites as part of a workspace, but in fact, sites like Gmail and YouTube can be found in that menu. You need to remove your site from the menu before removing it from Google Drive. Edit your admin settings and click Languages. This output shows some languages on offer:

Clicking the Edit link will open up a language version of this window where you can change the menu language, enter any new languages that you want to include and then click Save. Step 3: Confirm your changes. At this point, you need to confirm all the data in your site so that when you close Google Sites in Drive admin interface, it actually removes any config data associated with your site. This should happen automatically at this point (so


Yes, Google Sites is a separate Company from Google Workspace. Or, perhaps it only acts as a cut-out service. Curious, if obvious in the responses below.] And, it’s for pros only – if you’re just wondering about Google Sites remember that Spaces is free:

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