Is Google Drive Private?

Thanks to Google Drive’s emergence on the web, it seems as though everyone is carrying a copy at home. If someone offers you their password or to see what they’ve uploaded, are you able to ensure your privacy remains intact? Hello Kitty Art | Darkroom 2.3?

Finally, I’d like to mention a current development I’ve seen pop up recently in the internet’s purview. The idea for this came about once one photo sharing website launched an art show on Flickr. Wonderings were made by our loyal and hardworking viewers with regards to whether the images would be able to be traced back to the real account holder. As is usual these days, we asked around if any websites did anything similar

What is Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service owned by Google. The key difference between this and other methods is that all your files are kept in one central location. That way if anything happens to the device or you have to reinstall the operating system, everything can be accessed from one place. What is Dropbox & Synology. Even though there are many places to find these two synovatebutot the reason they appear in this top 10 list and why they will be the first two on the list if we start voting, is that most people won’t need both, so that’s more votes for them. They are extremely easy to use and you don’t have to worry about security or privacy issues because these two platforms have already embraced these ideas. It can

How to set up and use Google Drive

Google Drive was originally designed to be a private and secure cloud storage, but then Google announced they would make it public. On the whole that is not a problem and many have found peace with the change, but people are still concerned about whether or not their data on Google Drive is safe against prying eyes. Often people make this assumption that because Google makes everything public, then anything on their personal account must also be publicly accessible. This is not always the case and in this article we will show you exactly how to set up a “basic” Google Drive account, access data safely and securely, and share files with colleagues.

Google Drive Basic Settings

To begin let us make sure your computer meets the following minimum requirements: Windows 7 or newer OS, Intel or AMD based processor with 2GB RAM, 16GB hard drive (or larger) with 22GB free space. To open an account follow these steps

Options for sharing your Google Drive with others

The level of privacy for Google Drive is determined by what permissions are set for the shared files. With all the options that Google gives, you can be confident that the person or group who has access will see only what they need to see. File format: PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, TXT

To view Google Docs: click here.

To edit Google Docs: click here.

Protecting your account from snoopers

One way to ensure your files are safe is to encrypt your data so that only you and other people you trust can access it. Often, the storage provider offers encryption with their service, but when doing this, make sure that you’re transferring individual files rather than folders or drives. Another way to protect your data is by safeguarding any log outs or temporary passwords. Instant Redundancy. If your data is important, keep it in multiple locations and use redundant backups if necessary. For example, Divide your photos across multiple drives, right next to each other on a roller belt. When you need the space back up, roll them over and select which one you want to recover files from right away. Consider taking an old hard drive and plugging it into an enclosure that make clicking files as easy as moving them across your network.

Back up!


Since Google is a company, they have many servers. However, they try to be as private as possible by encrypting the files and storing them on individual server so no one else can read the data . Here’s a screenshot of an article in the Wall Street Journal showing that they store their data on individual machines.

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