Is Google Drive Free Forever?

Have you been waiting for a free upgrade for your Google account, but have always been hesitant about it? Research has shown that the majority of users never find the best monetization strategy for their Google account. In this article, you’ll know whether or not that is an issue that can be resolved. There are two ways a user can use their Google Account:

Email-based for Gmail, Calendar and Drive; Currently, two-thirds of the US population will reach either an Email or a Location-based ad campaign. These ad campaigns work great to determine if someone has their Google Account suspended without their knowledge. This can lead to when forced to enter their account password early in the morning where they may only remember lame phrases or account info which was at one point secure.

What does it mean for Google Drive to be free?

Google Drive is a service offered by Google. It is available through the Microsoft Office suite, which includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Google recently announced that this product would be offered “for free” beginning in 2020. The main point of it being free is because of the increased use and downloads of these apps. Because of this, Google used its many resources to compliment this product and add more features than any other competitor that has services similar to what they offer. The biggest competitor for Google Drive is of course Dropbox. So companies, who want a reliable service, will go the route of Dropbox and not the Google product that offers things that are essentially “free”.

Google Cloud vs Drive

Many have heard that Google Drive is free for a couple of years. Is this true? Ask Google. When the first year ends, you are no longer able to sync files over the internet using one of those annoying in-the-cloud metaphors. But there is another option: Google Cloud. This service is nearly identical to Drive in every way except it’s not an online primary storage location that you upload data to and must rely on other people with similar drives to work with you. The Google Cloud service is dwarfed by other services, like Dropbox, Box Sync and beyond.

Obviously, using Apple’s iCloud over the internet if you use Macs is as simple as opening iTunes, connecting to the internet and sending a file from your iPhone or iPad to iCloud servers for storage, uploading via MMS (although this is being discontinued), or asking Siri to do it for you. Log into your iCloud account and boom: all your documents in a cloud somewhere! You can also

Does this mean my free services will go down?

One company that was just planning on giving something away for free is Google. With many people upset about the recent price hike for Drive, people are now trying to figure out whether it will be free for them in the future. They would love to have access to more of their data during this time like never before. For now just look at it this way. Using Drive allows you to store 40 gigabytes of data! Although in the past years we’ve used 8k and 16gigs, 400GB is still a lot more than what most people use. Also, with all the new legislation Google has been going through like Investigatory reports and EU Data protection Laws which mean your information will be safe.


How can I make sure I’m still covered in the post-free era?

During the transition time when Gmail had a free plan and Google Docs didn’t have enough storage capacity, some users started to purchase extra space. Now that all of our emails are stored on the free version of Gmail, there’s no need to buy any now. However, those who aren’t quite sure that they’ve found the best deal can rest assured because yet again Google has answered our prayers: Google Drive is now completely free for life for all plans. Google Drive Extends Free Plan [Update] Google has extended their free storage plan for users, this time for Drive only. The change does come with a restriction – you still have to pay if you want extra space up until the 20TB point which is less than expected by most. We’re not entirely sure how and why it changed, though early testing of Gmail claiming that the change was coming did exist before so this appears to be intentional.

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