Improving Gmail On Android With A Slew Of New Features

Google is rolling out a new feature for the email app on Android which brings a series of personalized status icons to help you keep tabs on your email from the convenience of your notification pull-down area. Do you want to know what is going on with your favorite people in Chat? Now it is easy, with chat and space bar emoji badges. If the pull-down icon for new emails simply isn’t revealing enough on your Android phone, you can swipe down to reveal a representation of four colored emojis that depict different statuses. In this way, you can visualize chat, walkie-talkie alerts, an employees profile picture badge, or a big red dot which indicates incoming messages.

The button of the first email app in Google Play store (and surprisingly now released as an actual feature) is called

How to get new Gmail features on Android

Android has a lot of features, but some people may not know getting these features on Google’s email can be very easy. The first thing to do is go to the Settings > Labs feature in Android. As shown below, there are settings available for setting up other kinds of email accounts such as Yahoo and Hotmail. However, before doing this process it is wise to make sure you have turned on Allow 24-Hour Delay before Sending Messages in Gmail by going through the same phones settings option. Then you should see an option for Other Apps and tap it. As shown below, those apps will show up when others have the option of setting one in their icon type.

Google Chat and Spaces icons in the status bar

If you are a regular Chrome user, you might see that when you open your email on a desktop or laptop computer, there is an icon for Google Chat and a icon for the Spaces app. Some Gmail users may see these icons in their status bar when they open their email program. This is normal; these icons are being pulled from the Settings page for Google Chat—contrary to what may have been reported if this was an error on Gmail’s part.

Click the icon that appears next to your name in the left navigation bar

This will ensure you are using the correct profile. If necessary, click again to confirm that you created the correct one (assuming you set up more than one Google Account for a PC or Mac).

New types of email notifications

One notable feature within the new update is the addition of a notification light on Android. With the light, users will be able to tell when they have a meeting, urgent message, or other type of notification even while changing their wallpaper or at night.

The new features are also in line with Google’s push to try and make Gmail more useful. In recent years G Suite email has been designed to tackle the problems that arise by trying to simultaneously provide organization and gratification. On Android this is already en route to being achieved.

Lastly, security will be upgraded with the update by allowing users to set up 2-Step verification on Gmail accounts, which prevents anyone from gaining access as long as 2-step verification has been requested or enabled via Google. Of course there are other amazing new features, too.

Changing how many email previews are shown before opening a message

With this new feature, Gmail will limit the number of previews shown before opening a person’s email. It will show hints to help guide people toward earlier drafts and other messages without the need to scroll through their inboxes. Users can also now customize which emails they want to go into “signature mode,” meaning that they will pick up this mode with their account as each time that person sends an email. Lastly, users who have an “organization” email address have been updated so that they have the option to implement some forms of encryption on top of disappearing message history and dots in addresses for greater security. Google has also built in with this version some new social sharing options for emails. Personal stories are a great place for your personal brand where you can sample content from publications or tech news sites, and users will be able to insert a background image from the site. The new value proposition of email as a viewing/reading medium was highlighted in the Google commercial that ran during the Super Bowl, but essential features such as this one will make it more useful to others and bring them closer to using it

Suggestion cards for longer emails like newsletters, promotions, etc.

Gmail is revamping its interface to offer more features. For instance, there are new rows that can be used to compose longer-form emails like newsletters or promotions. For composing lengthy e-mails, Gmail detects you might want to break it up into multiple parts and suggests some place in the email where you can fit each one in. And there’s now a countdown tool built right into Gmail to help get your emails out the door without straining your caffeine supplies—a helpful perk if you send a lot of promotional emails. New features like this will make it more difficult for developers to exploit end-to-end encryption as well. On its own, this shouldn

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