How to Use Google Docs Offline-Without It Working!

Sometimes the messiest, most time-consuming part of a project can be finishing it. But with Google Docs offline, you don’ have to miss out on writing simply because your computer is too slow and your battery has run out of juice! In this article, you’ll learn how you can put Google Docs offline to avoid going completely insane when you’re down to only a minute left in your deadline!

How to Cut Out Google Docs When You’re Out of Wireless or No Internet

Every student needs their Google Docs for getting their homework done, but if you are like most people and get your internet from your phone you may need to learn how to use Google Docs without any Wi-Fi or internet available. There are a few different ways to do this, and this article will give you a rundown of what each method entails to help get your work done no matter what.

Tips for Keeping Google Docs Available Without Using Internet

It sounds like common sense, that Google Docs should work without needing Internet access, but this tip is something you likely weren’t aware of. If taking along your smartphone to download apps and updates doesn’t provide enough connection for an app or service, try writing directly on the app or service’s website instead. It will first use local www server to transmit information quickly with no need for servers, then transfer the file over through Google URL. Sound like a potential problem? It’s not, it actually helps make the internet work.

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How to save a file in Google Docs

Just an FYI: Google Docs don’t automatically save when you’re not on the internet and you’re working on your file. When this happens, all of Google Docs’ features are unavailable until you log back in, which means that if you want to continue editing a document or change documents while offline, here’s how to do so. If you have Google Drive, Gmail and other documents set up to access through your Google ID, you can rest assured that even if your internet is down or interrupted your documents are secure. It’s a one-stop solution for most work though you’ll still want to be careful about using Docs when its unstable.

When Does Offline Saving Not Work?

If you are offline and try to open your Google Docs, it will not work unless someone is online. There are certain scenarios where this can happen. For example, if you connect to a different web browser that doesn’t recognize the WiFi in your area. If you are connected to a 4G network while traveling down a road that has no WiFi coverage and would like to use Google Docs, this will work well because it is still saving the document on the server even though the internet connection has been lost. However, if you are offline temporarily on your smartphone and back up uses the data plan and is not setting it according to each WiFi location, Google Docs will only save when you reconnect to a WiFi where cellular data usage is enabled.

Will Offline Saving work through VPN? VPN will not let us know if there is an internet connection. At best, some VPNs simply won’t tell us there’s no internet connection at all so we have no way of confirming that there actually is one.


The blogger had many issues with Google Docs not working when she went offline! But eventually, it was resolved in her favor and everything went back to normal. The OP also highlighted that many of her colleagues are currently on a restricted access while they’re on their “go on to break even point!” And numerous other people who were unsuccessful in their applications. The large layoff staring at them. What a terrible situation for them! How about the spouses without jobs? What will happen when their spouse is diagnosed with cancer or gets injured so that he can’t go back to work?

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