How to Use Google Calendar on Your Windows 11 Desktop

Google Calendar is a great way to stay organized, but if you’re hesitant to go online in order to view your calendar, you might find it hard to navigate on your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 desktop PC. Learn how to access Google Calendar on your PC with this simple guide. Most of us use our desktop (or notebook) computer most of the time to access news, social media, email and other websites. With a Microsoft account or Google account already set up for accessing (or Google Calendar), you can get add-ins such as Weatherbug, Foxit Reader Viewer PDF mobile apps, PagerDuty Alerts and more. Check out more Windows 7 Downloads you may find useful before checking out other stations on DigitalLabs

Install the Latest Version of Google Calendar

Google Calendar has been part of internet life since 1998. Now, on the Windows 11 desktop, it can be easily accessed. First you need to install Chrome or Google homepage so that you can add Gmail, Calendar appointments and many more items to your personal website or computer monitor. Next, go to Google’s calendar website and select the calendars that you want displayed. After selecting the calendars, click Next> Show.

Next, select how your Calendar will be shown on your desktop monitor by clicking Options> Add tile button located below Task View> Customize tiles.

Whichever calendar tiles are chosen will display at intervals along a horizontal bar when Task View is active. You can then change the size and position of these tiles by using either drag or buttons provided in Instructions Box bottom left corner within the caption.

If you have any problems setting calendar up on your Desktop Recipe Watches style watch start with these 8 essential things you must do before installing Google Calendar on Windows 11 desktop operating system

Add appointments to your Calendar

Many people use a program like Microsoft Outlook to add events to their Calendar, but knowing that your calendar is in Google makes it easier. You can set the option to view your calendar on your computer, on a mobile device or both. Rather than making adjustments manually with the Calendar app, you can type “get google calendar” into the search bar and select the google calendar that has events saved in it in order for them to sync with gmail. Use Gmail on your smartphone and personal web page. Gmail is a free, convenient and great way to get email that syncs well with Google Calendar so you can be sure everything you need to remember is available with one click of the “Sign In option” in the upper-right corner or by accessing gmail on your mobile phone. Use your own website for registration. If setting up your own gmail address, you will have access to set up it at any time whenever options appear rather

Microsoft released an update to Windows 10 in January of 2018 that enables you to fully customize your desktop, including changing your icons and adding new ones. Installation and using of Virtual Desktops. You can now easily customise your Windows 10 desktop. Continue reading “Windows 7, 8 and 10 My Cloud (Merge) Feature: Why Do I Want It?”

Connect your Appointment and Notifications

Using your Android phone, download the official Google Calendar app to your Windows 11 desktop, and then connect it to your Google account. Once it’s done, you’ll be able to see your upcoming appointment and notifications on your desktops. Next, setup notifications on your Google Drive and receive notifications when they happen (only if your computer hasn’t been used to look at unread emails), which is simple: all you have to do is create an account on the Google Pie site, choose “Pending” priority for files that have no notifications, choose “Boarding” for any messages more than a week old and finally “Task Raised” for files that were raised in Outlook. The choice of which notification categories can be

Set Alerts

Google Calendar is a very useful tool that organizes all your life into weeks. It even helps you plan holidays and travel! One feature that is really helpful is the alerts feature. This allows you to set alerts for certain times, so you don’t forget important events like doctor appointments or work meetings. 7. Download a Screen-Locker. Use your desktop or laptop to link a screen-locker that forces your computer to lock and not let anyone else use it while in use. There are many free and inexpensive options available for most computers.

in Chrome Mobile or Desktop

Google Calendar is an application to help a person keep track of important events in their lives. It has been greatly implemented on the iOS and Android platforms, and recently Microsoft Windows 10 was introduced as a platform to get the application installed on. The interface is easy to navigate and use while providing many different options that can allow users. Features

With its launch of the application in iOS and Android, the company was proving efforts to bring its technology project to the new platforms with full extension. It has many features like personal calendars for making it easy for users to visualize important dates related to their life activities. One can easily print organized schedules easily by using them with a USB port from the iPad or iPhone or subscribe to optional notifications. I also find that this application is to use Microsoft Outlook on computers if you are using an


When using Google Calendar on your Windows 11 Desktop, you are able to open and closed your own calendar events without going through any apps. From the desktop, you will click the icon that looks like a calendar with the pen and paper in it to access your calendar. Open Google Calendar et type in either Event or Task and then press enter. Type in i like going to the mall on Saturdays and hit enter again. When you do this, you have automatically created Saturday event as well as All Day event for it on your calendar. You can get all the event for each weekend for the entire week on one calendar as well. If you are looking to change a date you created, you’ll need to alter that event/task by clicking on it and going in from there

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