How to use Google Calendar on a Windows PC

Most people nowadays have a calendar on their website with all of their events, activities, and appointments. However, many people use smartphone apps or computer software to manage their event list or calendar. Google released a brand new tool called “Google Calendar,” which is available for both iphone and android users. The newest software is interface-friendly– meaning that it is user-friendly but also shows all of the important information about the user’s schedule – such as all upcoming due dates for homework assignments or deadlines for business projects. So how do you get started with this application? Here are some tips from

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Google Calendar is a great tool that can be used on a Windows PC to keep track of your commitments and appointments.

To use Google Calendar, you will first need to install the free Google Calendar software on your Windows PC. After you have installed the Google Calendar software, you can open it by clicking on the “Calendar” button on the toolbar at the top of your screen.

Google Calendar allows you to organize your commitments and appointments in a very easy way. You can add different events for different days, time slots, and even locations. You can also add notes to each event to help you remember what you need to do.

You can also add other people who are involved in your commitments or appointments. You can easily invite them by using the “Invitees” tab in Google Calendar. Once they have been invited, they will be able to see all of your upcoming events in Google Calendar.

Google Calendar is a great way to keep track of your commitments and appointments. It is easy to use and very convenient.

How to open Leah’s Blogger Public Calendar

Google Calendar is a great way to keep your calendar organized and accessible from any computer. Here’s how to open it on a Windows PC:

1. Open the Google Calendar app on your computer.

2. Sign in if you haven’t done so already. If you have an account, your calendar will be ready to use.

3. Click the “Calendar” tab at the top of the app.

4. Click the “Use other calendars” link under “My calendars.”

5. Type in Leah’s Blogger Public Calendar into the search bar and select it.

6. Select the “Open” button next to it.

How to add new events into your Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a great tool to keep track of your appointments and events. You can add events using the web interface or the Windows app. This article will show you how to add new events using the Windows app.

In order to use Google Calendar on a Windows PC, you need to have the Google Chrome browser installed. You can download Google Chrome from here: Once you have installed Google Chrome, open it and click on the menu button (three lines in a row at the top left of the browser). Then, click on “More Tools”. Under ” Extensions “, click on “Install from gallery”. In the window that opens, search for “Google Calendar” and click on the “Install” button next to it.

Once Google Calendar has been installed, open it by clicking on the menu button (three lines in a row at the top left of the browser) again and this timeclick on “Bookmarks”. On the Bookmarks screen, select “Google Calendar”.

Now you will need to create an account with Google Calendar. If you don’t already have an account, you can create one here:

Adding other calendars to your Google Calendar

Multiple calendar view options in Google Calendar

Schedule a new event on your Google Calendar

If you’re using a Windows PC, you can easily schedule a new event on your Google Calendar. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Open Google Calendar.

2. In the left sidebar, click Events.

3. Click the blue plus sign in the upper-right corner of your calendar to create a new event.

4. Enter the details for your event, including the time and date.

5. Click Save Event to finish.

Changing the appearance of the calendar

Reassigning certain calendars to a specific time slot

Deleting an event from your Google Calendar

Editing event details such

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