How to use Google Calendar in 2018

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Types of Calendars

In addition to being free and online, Google Calendar allows for a personalized experience. To help you get started, it includes different types of calendars that are meant for private or business matters. Each device will show it’s different calendars including the following: Business Calendars: Accepts user-defined business calendars, like meetings with customers, investors or partners. These may be shared with colleagues and vice versa.

Personal Calendars: Selecting this option will allow you to create a personal calendar. You can create private calendars that are visible only to you, that is editable and separate from the public Google Calendar.

Google Calendar’s Clients. Google Calendar works via its own suite of HTML5 web pages and mobile apps

Find a place for your Google Calendar

Google Calendar works well when you want to be flexible with what you’re doing each day. If you organize your days wisely, you can use this calendar to fit in your work schedule, your personal life, and even things you need to do around the house or for your school. Knowing where to find a space for your Google Calendar is quite easy as long as you have a computer handy; many people save their calendars on the hard drive of their computer. Another option is saving your calendar on the cloud. Do not just save a hard copy of your Google Calendar to print off; you will have to manually print it if the program demands you do so (which is true for Google users who use the third-party Chrome application). Save it from the cloud and you will always be accessible no matter what computer you’re using. Every family has at least one child who loves watching videos on their computer. Do not let

Assigning certain dates to specific tasks

One of the very first things you want to do is set a deadline for the tasks that you want to complete by specific date. If you plan on doing this, set your vacation dates so later in the year Vacation “A” will work with Work/ Study Mode turned on. You can also add certain days to activities if needed as well such as Research/Lecture days like Friday’s or Saturday’s for example.

Creating a schedule and setting reminders

The first step in using Google Calendar in 2018 is to create and organize your schedule. You can divide your day into several time slots and then create or add tasks that are scheduled for those certain time slots. Next, it’s easy to set reminders for important people and location-based information for your phone. Sure you have good intentions of keeping up on things but sometimes as we get busy with work and activities it may be difficult to make sure these tasks get done at the right times.

Sign out of Google Calendar now

Now that the start of 2018 is only a few weeks away, most people are going crazy thinking about what they’re going to do with their new calendar. If you haven’t signed into your Google calendar for a while, or have decided to switch over to another one, now is the time to do it before January 1. The key for using Google Calendar effectively in 2018 is knowing where your calendar events and appointments should go in order for others not to interrupt or add on today’s events


Whether you keep a paper calendar or not, Google Calendar is the easiest method for keeping track of upcoming events. Google Calendar can also help you manage projects or tasks that need to be completed in a specific time frame. You don’t even have to do anything on your laptop or computer so it’s really easy to use.

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