How To Sync Your Google Calendar With Your iPhone Calendar

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What is Google Calendar?

In order to have your Google Calendar synchronized with your iPhone Calendar you will likely need an app that can do this. There are a few apps that work well and are popular, including: Briefcase, Calendars of the World, iCal Connector, and iCloud. To start the process, you’ll need to add an account in the Mail app on your phone and in the iPad app on your account settings. You’ll also need to make sure that Google’s side is up-to-date. true

How to use your iPhone Calendar with your Google

You can use your iPhone calendar with Google Calendar using QR codes. As the story states, “You’ll just need to download the QRReader for Google app on your iPhone and scan that code in to add an event in your Google Calendar.” To have events on one calendar show up on both of them, you will need to make a change in your settings. For instructions, search “How to Sync Your Google Calendar With Your iPhone Calendar” and you will find them.

Use Bluetooth to Sync Contacts with your Computer… Although I do not know how to use a computer, even if it might be the future – today it is a computer – there is a possibility that someone out there reads the future and can tell their own story. Even though fun, Google searches can be tiring (for me at least) so I went instead online and did a “Fetch as Google” search using my PC. First go to http


Google Calendar has been a popular web-based calendar, but when you started heavily using the Apple iOS; Google hasn’t updated their app to work with iOS, and vice versa. The solution is to sync your Google Calendar with the Apple iCloud calendar. To start then, go to Settings and then iCloud on your iPhone. Once you sign in to iCloud, tap Contacts and select Calendars option from the dropdown menu for syncing different calendars with iCloud. Tap “Add Calendars” and select Google Calendar to be added in the list. Check it off and then select “Done.” Now all your appointments will appear in the new Calendars tab on the iOS 6 like device.

See screenshots for more information about how to do this below:

The use of the iPhone Sync App to sync calendars

With the use of The iaSync app, you can now sync your Google Calendar with your computer and/or your iPhone. Additionally, this new app allows you to see which days your day will be free in order to plan accordingly. This app syncs your calendar data, allows you to organize events and gives you the ability to organize all of your personal information on one single platform.

Regardless of time difference in iCloud, Sync App still allows for timely syncing.

If you have an iOS and iCloud, Google Calendar will not function properly. The app does not allow for end-to-end editing, viewing, or approving tasks in Google Calendar on multiple devices. Therefore, if this is a problem for you and if your time differences are outside of 1 hour, you can sync your calendars by heading to your iPhone calendar and clicking “Sync with iphone calendar.” Then add the appropriate information in the sync options window. After syncing, the info in each app will be synced across each device. If you need to speed up your contact list, the easiest solution is to ensure you’ve already updated the synchronizing information in Reminders before you set up Sync App.

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