How To Sync Slack With Google Calendar

With the rise in popularity of services such as Slack, Google Calendar has seen a dip in the usage of its own features. This off-putting prospect has led others to use apps such as Dragonfly to sync their calendars with these platforms. However, the task of setting up an account and using the app is quite tedious when compared side-by-side to how simple it is to set this up with a third party service like slack. The approach here is much less time-consuming and user friendly – all you have to do is create an event on Google Calendar and add that as one of your channels on Slack. This way you can use Slack as a personal calendar for yourself and your team to discuss plans, queries and assignments.

Learn from What Works: LiveChat

Slack is known in the industry for providing exceptional customer service to its customers – which naturally helps when dealing with any clients. To improve further on live chat support, Google went ahead to acquire LiveChat in May 2016 [3] . They clearly knew what they were doing when it came to taking care of

What is Slack?

Many organizations use Slack as an internal communication tool. Often times, in order to make sense of what is going on around your organization, individuals will keep a separate calendar for their team on Google Calendar. However, most of these calendars are synced with no problem. The problem lies with integrating Slack and the calendar manually. Without the appropriate log-in information, finding your way through your entire team’s calendars is a task that many do not want to take on. One can only imagine how integrated Slack is with the calendar. It will be a few years at this rate before we realize that Google Calendar is not an intelligent application by itself.

Every company that uses Slack could benefit from a powerful, flexible communications tool that integrates directly with Google Calendar. It should be a no-brainer to bridge Slack and Google Calendar as both products are cloud-connected, free of charge and widely available.

Why would I log in to my Google Calendar from Slack?

If you’re someone who interacts frequently with their Google Calendar and syncs it with Slack, there are some reasons why you may want to do this. The most common reason is that running a business means being inundated with information from all corners–way too much that your personal life gets lost in the shuffle. If you sync your calendar with Slack, it’ll be easily accessible for easy organization of meetings and tasks. Using the Google Calendar Task List emoji to save any relevant tasks is SUPER convenient too.

This article assumes you have Slack set up for Google Calendar in your personal account, and you have some limited to advanced knowledge about cloud-based calendar services in general. If in doubt, check out How to use Google Calendar with Slack For Desktop Users by Jen Folker. The process can be slightly different depending on platforms or shells you’re using, but aside from a little fiddling you shouldn’t run into

How to Connect Google Calendar with Slack

You can synchronize your Google Calendar with Slack easily so that anybody in the office on Slack can see when you’re available for a meeting. To do this, ask them to:

1. Navigate to this URL and enter the email address of their Google account 2. Check off “I’m willing to share calendar events with people from my distribution list.” 3. In the drop-down menu, choose “Scheduling…” 4. You’ll need to give permission for access in order for somebody else in the same workspace to view your calendar events. 

5. Make sure nobody sees any inappropriate information by checking off “Approved Events Only” 6. You’re done!

Type of Connections that can be set up with Slack and the Content Type Restriction setting

Google Calendar has been updated to include other available types of content. For example, Slack allows messages to be set up in a Google Calendar. Now, users can add the real-time communication app to their calendars and plan out conversations using the space provided on one interface. Slack does not seem to have an option for the Content Type Restriction setting like the chronological order setting, which is found in Google Calendar under Settings > Include Other Calendars. The ability for events to reach out through email would be helpful for planning iCloud cycle with other individuals or planning solely from a desktop computer..

Example for Restricting Content Types

Slack integrates with Google Calendar by using shared content types in the account. In order to restrict a specific page, create a content type with marked-as boxes that restrict specific forms of communication. Such as limiting public access only to what is posted in public messages and private access only to what is posted in private messages.


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