How To Start A Google Meetup

Google has long distinguished itself as a powerful search engine, but they’ve also revolutionized how we communicate and collaborate with others. That same innovation has led to the establishment of highly-popular Google Meetup events that start in cities all over the world every day. It is possible for any company or individual to host an event with google meet up, as long as an event can take place in their city. So don’t miss out on showing your staff, family members and friends how simple it is to reserve the date now! Let the future unfold at your fingertips. Google Meetup’s web service effortlessly finds multiple event opportunities in by many different business models and locations, such as restaurants, education institutions, clothing stores and artists’ studios. Usage metrics can also be analyzed for a more in-depth understanding of people intoContinue Reading

How Do Google Meetups Work?

In order to host an event on Google, there are a few simple steps you should follow according to the Google website. First, all attendees are required to have a Google account. This can be done by going to Once logged in, find the “Event settings” tab and follow the instructions for setting your event up. Supply basic information about your event, such as location, date, language and starts and ends time, then click save or share this form with other people in charge of hosting a similar event for your business or club/organization. When the Google meetup is ready, select your event from the drop-down menu and then click Search Available. Select your event and parse the required information to end a meetup. You can also easily share the event on various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more with just one click of a button. You will be notified when the search results are ready by an email or text message, which will give you access to all of your attendees.

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How to Start a Google Meetup

Becoming a Google Meetup Coordinator is simple. There’s no central organization, voting system, or fees to join. To begin the registration process, you’ll have to visit the Googles Meetup website. Once you enter your information and upload your profile picture, you’re ready to become a coordinator for your first event. true

Calendar on an Event Page

How To Start A Google Meetup Page.

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Agenda on an Event Page

At the bottom on an event page, there is an option to create an Agenda For The Event. An agenda is a list of speakers or presenters that you want to be at your event and the order in which they will be speaking or making presentations. You can match the agenda to your time slot or theme. . .

The Platinum Package has all these features plus choices including: 1) A Guest List or 2) Quickly create a Newsletter or 3) choose from Page Templates Already Available in the Blog and 4) Create an Event on Facebook with an Event page template provided.

Send Invites to Your Group

Calling your friends or family and inviting them to hang out today would be very easy with one problem. Google wants everyone to know about your meetup, which doesn’t always happen organically. So, how can you organize a group meetup?

To start your Google Meetup, go to the following link and follow the instructions on it. You can always call me with any questions you might have. There are also a ton of cool meetups happening in just about every state so you won’t need to go far to find one near you.

Where Can I Find Events Near Me?

The most important way to find events near me is by using the search bar on Google. There is a go-to category called “Upcoming Events Near Me.” You can simply click on it and get an interactive map that allows you to see what event hubs there are and how close they are to you. Once you know where these hubs are, reaching out to their organizers can help you find more information


As the owner of a local event planning company, I find it really easy to get clients online using google meetup. From my experience, you can offer a bar discount to attendees who are on site and visit the venue for your event. Sooner or later you’ll be able to start run group hangouts that lend themselves well for networking.

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