How To Share A Video On Google Drive

Since introducing and many companies are working with Google Drive, we’ve seen how easily video sharing has become. They’re incredibly easy to share similarly to other file types that you may already know. Here’s the best way you can share a video a have it edited without being in front of your computer. Right from your cell phone, Send a link to Mylio through text or email to send videos from your phone. They’ll even preview that you have the video clip in your Clipboard so you can make all of the adjustments within seconds. When I do this for my students, it is always an amazing way to edit how they unfocus their eyes and apply great lighting indoors and out! How much better can HD video get? E-mailed videos are also a GREAT way to see if someone needs your app or even that they are having trouble with downloading content. This can be used in class when you explain a project and take time to explain steps or encourage student input.

One of my students made an amazing video for me without doing the photos first! He followed these exact steps, which I could color code for our next team meeting and reviewed with screenshots! Such a great way to review these basic elements and use a contemporary tool that is clean, easy to learn

What is Google Drive?

A cloud storage platform, Google Drive is accessible to a consistent user-base. It’s the process of storing copies of your files in a virtual folder on the internet, which can be accessed by you, or members of your team. To share a clip with people, there are some simple steps to follow. First make sure the clip has review access only, so that same group of people doesn’t look at different files on the same shared drive. Once this limit is set it’s easy to begin sharing an individual video with your colleagues by giving them access to it. You are also able to share the clip with specific groups like friends and contacts if you have their email addresses saved on your account. The reference steps below show how to share a clip with groups and/or individuals. Connection Connecting between users is f eicient thanks to cloud services. One user can invite all his colleagues to a document or a tool, and it’s available in their mailbox during this short process, if they accept the invitation. Administrators can also share documents where other administrators or team members can access privileged files shared through Omnipresence 2.x or Omnisync for Teams. If you pass to another member of your team a file which has been recently shared, your colleagues will

How to Share a Video on Google Drive

Google’s Drive is an awesome tool for organizing, storing and sharing all types of data. But what about videos? Google has made sharing videos a lot easier using Drive. Simply click on the gear icon in the top left corner of your video and then hit ‘share’. “Share” will provide you with several options that are extremely easy to follow. You can share the video through a variety of platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Skype, Twitter and HTML5 Player . There are several other features that allow easy customization of Drive’s sharing capabilities as well.In this quick video tutorial I’ll show you how to share a video on Google Drive and make it easier than ever. This is much better than opening the files on your computer and ensures everything is stored in the cloud -and easier to access whenever you need!Video not working? Try downloading the latest version here:

Is there a CMS for Google Drive?

There doesn’t seem to be a CMS for Google Drive yet, unfortunately. The service has only recently been made available to the public so perhaps someone has already started developing one in private. It would certainly be convenient if this was the case but it isn’t and until it is, the YouTube file creator button will have to do. 2018 Update:

For anyone that is interested, the folks over at Expert Zone have developed a Google Drive CMS plugin. You can integrate Itinto your content management system or build your own site-ready Content Management System that will capabilities of the ever popular online service in office and personal settings with building blocks such as resources indexes and theme support to name just a few. I did mention above however, the YouTube file creator button was not dead after all but this new content management system has certainly


By using the YouTube functions on Google Drive, you can easily find what video to share or upload. To start sharing the video, you can follow a few steps: 1) Copy the link of the video and paste it into an email

2) On the email, select “Attach Video” and paste the a link within

3) Send your email

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