How to move your email, calendar events and contact list to Google Workspace

Google made the decision to shut down the personal email and calendar service called “Google Inbox” but it will allow users to move their email, calendar events, and contact list to Google’s new company office called Google Workplace. This article explains how this is possible for users. Sign Up For Google Inbox

Google has made email and calendar services to help give control over your digital life to improve productivity. They have used technology to move data in the cloud making things simpler as well as providing privacy on your data for users by keeping in secret who is accessing these accounts. That was explained well by their CEO, Sundar Pichai.

The Steps For Moving Your Data To Google

Moving your email, calendar events, and contact list to Google Workspace is easy. Here are the steps for moving your data to Google:

1) Open a browser and navigate to

2) You’ll see an input box where you can type in username, password, then click on Import Data from your … read more

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overview of Google Apps and Services

The transition to Google Apps has been easy so far. Everything was moved without an issue, which is common with uses of this software. Many employees used third-party apps and storage managers on their devices before switching, but now they are using a spreadsheet app in the business suite. Other features include real-time employee availability via Google Calendar and email address verification through your company’s unique corporate identity number. This activation from Google also helps to promote your company’s brand identity. For example, when using the app for work, a person may receive an email from his or her boss with a task listed and their availability is shown in the subject. A person who doesn’t have a Google account can use the app without entry into other controls. Integration with Outlook While working with functions through Gmail there are times that you need to access Outlook email. There are alternate ways to do so like adding an Outlook connector but

How Do I Get My Old Data Into Google?

To move your data from your old email system to Google, you will need to export it. To do so, click ‘Settings’ and then go to ‘Email’. Next, click on ‘they want me’ for the new data format. From there, you can select ‘export as csv’. After that, we recommend downloading this software which can more easily import your exported file. Unfortunately, importing any email account is not straightforward. Ideally this can be done by replication of the attributes on your old email server like these: Cc field (Cc acronym for carbon copy ) or Reply To field Presence(PS) or Reply-to or Reply-Message.

Massive Email Depot is a cloud service that allows you to send and receive large numbers of emails at once. For example: no more searching through thousands of mails every day. With our service, More

When Can I Move From Your Computer to Google

One of the questions people often ask is when they can shift from using their personal computer to using Google Workspace. With your Gmail account now enabled with Google’s email, calendar, and contacts apps, you can accomplish this task. All of these apps are embedded in the Gmail system and offer easy folder control, last-click takeovers, and deeper integration that puts seamless navigation at your fingertips . So, what can you accomplish with Google Workspace on your computer?

Move Gmail to My Computer How to switch from using Microsoft Outlook on a traditional PC to using Gmail, Google Docs and more on an Android phone or tablet. Since the majority of people who read this article are also huge fans of Apple products, it’s hardly likely that you think about leaving for some reason. That’s exactly why we packed in as much as we could!

Find and confirm your contacts names and addresses with auto matching

Google has announced the new email, calendar, and contact app called “Google Workspace” that is set to bring the best of the Google apps together to simplify the user’s life. The email app is called “Inbox,” the calendar app is called “Calendar,” and your contacts are now available in Google’s handy company directory. Your contacts can be automatically marked as followed, shared, friends of friends or co-workers on Google’s suite of products. This applies to about three-quarters of all 450 million Gmail accounts, and it doesn’t include GMail accounts, which are presumably already following the workspaces. You can test out both the new Inbox for Gmail and the Google Workspace on your iPhone or iPad by making sure that each is already set up as a “Google Apps” account on Google’s website or by signing into an existing account. Once you’ve verified them, here’s how to access Gmail and phone apps.

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